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Orochi’s hunting party number

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According to Buddha

I believe the purpose of all the major religious traditions is not to construct big temples on the outside, but to create temples of goodness and compassion inside, in our hearts.

your own personal jesus
someone to hear your prayers,
someone who cares
 your own personal jesus
someone to hear your prayers,
someone who’s there


Villages of Warburg and Thorsby – a day or so ago ~ Leduc County ~ January 2021

  1. But if I build a temple there I’ll be exiled from my own heart.

    I’m unclean. When I ‘reach out and touch faith‘ it dies.

    • I’m sloppy…
      🎼🎶 🎹 🎵Reach out and touch faith
      Reach out and touch faith…

      and I don’t know Neurodrooling…be good! smiles hedy ☺️🙂🙃

  2. Beautiful 🖤

  3. Simple beauty – but too cold for me. 🙂

  4. Beautiful Hedy and I’m sticking to the inside on this one burrr but love your clicks! ❤️

    • it was fresh Cindy -20 something…needed better mitts…always grateful to do a road trip these days ~ hoping you’re having a good day ~ sending you joy ☺️❣️

  5. What is that last art-deco Jesus building???

    • it was an empty building next to a restaurant in Walburg…it was curious to me as well…only saw 2 women both shovelling…quick wave no conversations…maybe I can find out more Penny…it was a brisk walk in -20 something 🥶😄 sending you joy

      • Oh my gosh! Minus-20 was always my cut-off point for cross-country skiing, so I’m impressed you were out there — loved the architecture, loved the (or so it seemed to me) the incongruity of that architecture & that building purpose

        • street photography in small town Alberta has always had that outsider feeling for me…in particular now with the pandemic…and the believers and non-believers here…so smiling and waving along with physical distance makes it work(able)…I’m not fond of anything past -10 these days…I think about pioneers/colonizers who arrived here in Alberta winters…endless land and the wind…it’s brutal actually🥶milder days this week. have a joyful day Penny.

  6. Depeche Mode

  7. Very interesting juxtapositions of the quote, the locations, the carefully done shoveling, etc. 🙂 Life is full of them!

    • yes like a dog wanting to go on a car ride on the weekends…it was bitterly cold 🥶my fingers snapped quickly…and yes the villages and prohibition histories of Alberta…easy access to both religions and alcohol…every town every village…happy weekending Lynn ~ sending you joy ☺️💫

      • Always an interesting thing – I lived in Hoboken, New Jersey a very long time ago. It’s right across from NYC but a world away and back then it was full of churches and bars. Later it became upscale full of yuppies, much as I hate to use that term. Stay warm Hedy!!

        • I am…and yes rural Alberta has stories and an evaded telling…I think in light of this pandemic I might need to snoop further…hoping you’re doing good too Lynn ~ hugs hedy 🤗🙂🙃

  8. Snow shoveling. Makes strong people, right?

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