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According to Buddha

A Native American grandmother was speaking to her grandson about violence and cruelty in the world and how it comes about. She said it was as if two wolves were fighting in her heart. One wolf was vengeful and angry, and the other wolf was understanding and kind. The young man asked his grandmother which wolf would win the fight in her heart. And the grandmother answered, “The one that wins will be the one I choose to feed.”

just then grandfather came out.
he was angry because peter had gone in the meadow.
“it is the dangerous place.
if a wolf should come out of the forest, then what would you do?”
but peter paid no attention to his grandfather’s words.


3 months ago wolf bones in Golden, BC ~ Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre ~ January 2021

  1. Beautiful. Feed the voice of the soul, conscience voice. 🖤

  2. A great post.

    Understanding and Kindness always deserves a feast from the heart.

    • I like that Vicki sounds delicious and tender…softening the heart is a good thing for sure.❤️
      have a peaceful day ~ sending joy hedy 💫

  3. All in our minds 😇 interesting tale

    I have quoted HH Dalai Lama a lot in my just published book. Do check out my post of today

    • I will Ashok 🤓
      yes the stories told and retold…

      I had a dream about little red riding hood this week too…all the wolf talk 🤓🙂🙃 happiness your way ~ smiles hedy

  4. I totally agree with this parable. I’m curious, Hedy. How did you come to find the bones?

    • it’s the words of Pema Chödrön from Taking the Leap: Freeing Ourselves from Old Habits and Fears…
      in the fall on a road trip…along the way was this wolf rescue…it was a strange experience…I wandered away from the human who was talking about the wolves and saw the bones placed in a garden…and all the wolf moon talk this week made me remember them Chris ☺️💫 have a joyful day.

      also this…humans + wolves here🤷‍♀️

      • I’ve never seen wolves. There is a place in Massachusetts that has some in an enclosure. I’m not usre if they are resues or not. That’s really sad that they use poison to control the wolf population. Thank you for answering my question. It’s an odd thing to have in a garden but made for great photos.

        • I’ve seen them in the mountains…not so much around here…and yes some humans can be so disappointing…never should about these culls…smiles from snowy etown 💫

  5. I looked at the images before reading the quote. It’s interesting how my mind shifted. Great combo. Loved the pics … and to think earlier this week I set up a photo collaboration about bones.

    • humble thank you Frank…appreciate you saying and I will check your beach walks…it’s only -18 🙂🙃but the sun is popping up😎warm behind the glass 💫 have a creative day smiles hedy ☺️

  6. In the USA (and perhaps elsewhere) at this time this very fight is happening.
    Who will win? In my heart I know who my favorite is. 😊

    • the fight is probably everywhere and nowhere, I don’t know Eddie🤔
      children seem to know🤗
      and yes my heart knows which is my favourite for sure❣️

      another pocketful of joy 💫

  7. The wolf is a powerful symbol. Your photos remind me that everything passes … although a part of me hopes it’s the dark wolf you came across. Thanks Hedy 💕

    • yes they are Val…wolf totem people are competitive and will become upset when you disturb the social order…according to some…and now you’ve mentioned the dark wolf…”ancestral spirits who are trying to relay important spiritual messages”…yes!☺️❣️thank you kindly Val.🙏❣️

      Funny I read a story the other day composing this post🤓
      the black wolf took a long pause and then continued:
      “The Great Spirit also wishes to say that in order to fulfill your destiny, you must exercise the degree of free will that it bestowed upon you. You must conquer all your fears and conceptions of how you think it is. You must learn to see clearly into the nature of how things are. This, my noble seekers, is the surest path to self-realization and world peace.

  8. Excellent story. Too many people seem to be feeding the wrong wolf these days. Wonderful photos.

    • the words of Pema Chödrön…with a tiny tiny change☺️🤓…my wolf dance can feed both in my heart…I’d be lying though my teeth😉but softening always helps…I had fun with the b/w and contrast/dehaze sliders on these Timothy…have a peaceful day sending joy 💫 hedy

  9. Great photos! Great post!

  10. Nice story ant photos. And true.

  11. Love the parable and all the variations of it.

  12. Lovely story reminding us of to feed whatever is our truth to create more of what we want!
    Great photos to match it Hedy! ❤️🤗

  13. In November, one of our ballot measures was restoring the population of the gray wolf here in Colorado. While the wolf numbers have increased, the population is not large by any measure. Increasing the population would bring more genetic diversity. The measure narrowly passed. Also, the reintroduction of wolves makes sense as both the deer and elk populations have exploded. Colorado could also stand to increase the mountain lion population too.

    My wolf story: Before I acquired my GS dogs, I was looking for wolf hybrids. Owning a wolf hybrid requires a wildlife permit from the state to legally own them. The permits, though, are rarely given. Most hybrids are wolf/GS or wolf/Belgian Malinois. Gorgeous animals they are; well tempered too with proper training.


    • yes David I’ve heard this here as well I’ve got a nephew whose a hunter and knows the land…and I also have a horse friend who has a wolfdog…she has done a wonderful job with him especially through his teen years…now I feel like going out to see them…thanks for planting the seed David…I appreciate your comments ~ sending you joy hedy ☺️💫

  14. I’ve always loved this saying of the 2 wolves.

  15. Excellent. Which wolf does every one choose to feed. I always believe everyone has a choice. Multiple, repeated choices… But choice nonetheless. The usual, cliché phrase in movies: “You leave me no choice…”
    Dankje wel for the thought.
    Tot ziens Hedy.

  16. Oh yes Miss Hedy .. wonderful quote, I found myself nodding, we have a choice! Your images work so well …

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