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According to Buddha

Our rational minds can never understand what has happened, but our hearts, if we can keep them open to spirit, will find their own intuitive way.

now take me to other side
little bitty blues bird flies
and gray clouds, or white walls, or blue skies
we gon’ fly, feel alright
it’s a good day (to be)
a good day for me (a good day for me)

a day ago Crescent Beach, Surrey, BC ~ March 2021

  1. Beautiful.

  2. You photography is surreal, Hedy.

  3. “Live for Jack” — it feels like there is a heartbreaking story behind that. I wonder whether the actual story is anywhere near as moving as the ones I keep inventing in my head…

    • Well ‘Jack’ is a word with many meanings Gregory 🤓☺️ “jack” still often refers to money…but I don’t know…or that song hit the road jack or yes I can also make many fictions in my hedy head 🤓☺️😂 have a happy day ~ hugs hedy 💫

  4. love these words so true Hedy!!!
    and your little poem below your beautiful pictures are just lovely!! 💖💖💖🙏🙏🙏🌷
    Big hugs, 🤗🌷

  5. Love the light in these Hedy.

  6. ‘It’s a good day to be’.. Be good! 🙂

  7. Thanks. Love every word to the letter and each image imprinted

  8. Love that coastline in #1. Most unfortunate is all of the graffiti. No need to tag in saying they’ve been there.

    Your choice of song, aces high. 🙂

    • Yes the tagging is distracting and needless…right fun song David … I also like the Back Pumas 🎶🎵🖤have a joyful weekend ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫

  9. You always manage to convey such Beauty in the “simplest” of things. A pebble beach. An old store or a few branches. Dankje wel Hedy

    • I see beauty 🤓 well to me anyways and it’s a sloppy intention … it’s healing for me too 💫 it’s around us everyday I know … u bent van harte welkom en ik waardeer uw opmerkingen en kondigen woorden Brian 💫🙏☺️❣️

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