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According to Buddha

I have a thirsty fish in me
that can never find enough
of what it’s thirsty for.

sharp turn, my mind is a blur
slow passage through the air
looking back on the days
all over your mind, just wanna be free


a day ago at Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf ~ Steveston, BC ~ March 2021

  1. Wonderful post, reminds me of the hungry ghosts of Tibetan Buddhism and such.. 🌹🙏

    • …I’m sure there is many right Amber…There are four types of hungry ghosts: those with external obstacles, those with internal obstacles, those with specific obstacles, and those who move through space…probably more 🤓 hugs hedy 🤗💫

  2. your photos leave me speechless. beautiful, magical and rich in depth. Smiles, Fernando.💐❤️☮️

  3. I knew immediately where it was. Gorgeous photos.

    • It was delightful had a lovely lunch in delicious sunshine outside on a patio felt so good to out and about…it’s a lovely space…so much to see and have little chats 🤓☺️ also saw a sea lion 🤓👌 happy weekending hugs hedy 🌸🤗

  4. Hi. Do you have a preference between working in B&W or in color?

    • Well Neil I go with my feeling…I enjoy both…I’m in a street photography group and some say only b/w others only colour … I like b/w when it feels like there are just too many colour palettes in all the images…I do like fisherman in colour as well…thanks for asking…long answer 😅😀😂 happy weekending hedy

  5. Fishing wharves and boats are one of my favorite things to photograph. Nice captures, Hedy. Have a great week.

    • Oh agreed Chris I could spend a lot of time in these spaces as they are so new for me 🤓☺️ happy weekending…have a joyous week 🤗💫

  6. Wonderful monochromes, Hedy. Great photo essay.

  7. Such poetry in ships and harbours, right? Thanks for the memories.

    • Nice space for sure…you’re welcome it’s nice to have this as a memory…such a interpreting fisherman…he wanted me to buy a tuna to bring home in my suitcase ☺️😳🤓 unfrozen seemed uncertain to me ☺️💫

  8. Wonderful photos Miss Hedy!! 🙂👏

  9. Such is the thirst for life and you pictures of fishing. May all of your lines be tangle free and loving. Happy Easter Hedy!💖

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