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According to Buddha

If you can’t smell the fragrance don’t come into the garden of love. If you’re unwilling to undress don’t enter into the stream of truth. Stay where you are. Don’t come our way.

l’océan va
l’océan vient
ses algues brunes
tissent nos liens
l’océan bat
l’océan tient
souffle la dune
délie nos liens
si tu entends


 fish at the Granville Island Public Market ~ Vancouver BC ~ March 2021

  1. Fine quotation, photographs, and poem

  2. Interesting treatments on the photos. Hope spring is springing in Alberta!

    • Thank you kindly Frank I enjoyed making them with Lr…played some…and moved the sliders…ahhh yes some springing happening here…off to the river soon to see the ice…need it to melt for the dog now 🤓 enjoy your beach walks…I had a couple here on the west coast … I love the sea ☺️ sending you joy hedy

  3. The middle group looks like a fish we call Porgies. Was Bess there too? 🐟

    • well I don’t know as a land locked Albertan I don’t see much fish other than a trout 🐟 …the west coast has much for me to see…maybe there was a Bess Bass too 🙃😂 I like the name Porgies…reminds me of corgi and perogies 🙃🙂😉 have a joyful day Mike sending you all good things 💫

  4. Great shots, Hedy! Love the framing and the last one looks like an ancient wall painting! 🙂 See you!

  5. If we ever start looking, we might began to see
    enjoy every moment, Eddie

  6. Yes…I love the tone of that quote..

  7. I absolutely love these, Hedy. This is such a fun market and I’d be hanging over the fish counter with my camera, too. Great shots.

  8. Rumi’s words are always so special and wise Hedy and your pictures are splendid!
    Thanks for sharing it with us! 💖🌷

  9. I really like the processing here. Makes the pictures of dead fish on ice so much more interesting.

  10. Wonderful Buddha quote today, especially the bit about needing to be metaphorically naked. And these photos are gorgeous, especially the first one. I love what you’ve done with them.

  11. Love, love, love the Rumi quote. His writing is dear to me as well…

    These pictures are really interesting because there’s a certain “aliveness” to them–like the essence of fish laid bare, as if they are posing for a moment. To reveal themselves somehow, as beings. It’s hard to explain and I shouldn’t have tried. Haha. But lovely images as always.


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