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Onward to Onigashima chapter number

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According to Buddha

Grief can be the garden of compassion. If you keep your heart open through everything, your pain can become your greatest ally in your life’s search for love and wisdom.

there’s a place i’m going
no one knows me
if i breathe real slowly
i let it out and let it in
it can be terrifying
to be slowly dying
also, clarifying
we end where we begin
so let it wash over me
i’m ready to lose my feet
take me off to the place where one reveals life’s mystery


fish at the Granville Island Public Market ~ Vancouver BC ~ April 2021

  1. This is intersting, Hedy. I like it. Are they actualyfish and you edited this in post processing or are the from a painting of fish?

    • it’s an image of 3 fish I made…then I played with them on my iPad ☺️🤓 with assistance of apps…it was fun…ii don’t know photoshop…so it’s fun to play…have a happy week Chris ☺️🌷

  2. Great images, Hedy; especially in the first one there are amazing details! Have a fine Sunday out there! 🙂

    • I do appreciate the mobile iPhone detail … yes it was a wonderful weekend in the mountains…fresh air and so much sun 🌞 fun was had baby all ~ sending you joy Harrie have a creative week!

  3. With breath, my life blooms before me, healing all wounds

    • breathing ion and breathing out … oh I do need more time on my mat …I also planted bulbs in the fall…I see tiny green 🍃 🌷 yes new chapters ☺️🤓🙂🙃 hugs dear Eddie have a happy day 🤗💖

  4. I love the images. They are perfect for the poem.

    • it’s the word of Matt Simons – Catch & Release 🤓🙂🙃 I thought my fish fitted perfectly and I love the song 🎧 🎶 🎵 sending you joy Timothy

  5. Great images of the fish, Hedy. I love your poem.

  6. Looks like a Chinese place. Good work.

  7. Beautiful and great images.

  8. Interesting work you did there. Looks like the cloning tool on Photoshop. Great.

    • apps on my iPad…but I know humans who do amazing work with Ps…I still prefer the taking part but post editing is fun … some say post is more important others say in camera … and I have a friend who says ‘why do you mook around with it’🤓😂 he makes me think too…lots of photography advice this year with Zoom overload…now outside time 😎🌱5C and I have teeny tiny tulips tips starting I plant them in the fall 🌷🤗

      • Both sides are probably right. The camera 📷 as an extension of the photographer’s eye is important. Also depends on the subjects. I wouldn’t use an iphone for “real” portraits. (100mm is better) of for wildlife. But for my usage? Mostly urban photography? It’s perfect, light and discrete. Now the post? Many a photographer spent a lot of time in the dark room. Think Man Ray for instance.
        🌷 ! Great. Just keep an eye on the thermometer… 🤗

  9. ‘i’m ready to lose my feet’

  10. Amazing images and words.

  11. These are fabulous! So creative. I never would have thought dead fish could be so interesting. And artistic!

  12. in and out slowly – breathing out your tension. It works for sure. Love the photos you took with your mobile.

    • Thank you kindly Ritva I had a Lott of making them…and yes exhaling does help…I think it is a collective sigh now 🤓☺️🌷 sending you joy have a happy weekend 🌷

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