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錦えもんの一計 chapter number

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According to Buddha

In our Western culture, although death has come out of the closet, it is still not openly experienced or discussed. Allowing dying to be so intensely present enriches both the preciousness of each moment and our detachment from it.

qu’elle est loin la fin du voyage
la glace de l’hiver a beau me mordre le corps
je me garde mon âme intacte encore
qu’elle est loin la fin du voyage


a day or so ago ~ Vermilion Lakes ~ Banff National Park ~ April 2021

  1. So beautiful. Thank you Hedy 💝

  2. Wow beautiful photos and the quote demonstates how we the western world is not in tune with death.. It is a celebration, something to be brought to awareness.

    • You’d better come to New Orleans. We understand death. Our jazz funerals are an example of that. They start with a dirge and end with a celebration of life

      • Wonderful.

      • there is a lot to be learned from others about death and dying…closing the chapter has been healing…I played some jazz from Spotify and the Bose 🤓🙃

        • I don’t think that you can close the chapter without ritual. Wanna hear some good jazz on Spotify. Norah Jones Live… with three versions of the jazz trio. They pushed her and she pushed back. Just released.

          • I agree…I’ve often felt displaced here…I feel our family is scattered and all over the world…we make little rituals and read how others grieve…this week my healer told me yet another cultural story…the Bardo Thodol was given to me by my one of father’s doctors…profound for me…and then I have ways and loved ones too build rituals…I’m grateful for that 🙏

            Yes it’s so fine! This Life so beautiful 🤩

          • You should be grateful. I have almost none of my family left. I have a few cousins who I don’t know because our parents couldn’t stand each other. I have my daughter and her family and my sister. On the other side, we have whole bunch of aunts and uncles, but they are very conservative Okies. They don’t understand either of us. My ritual will come from the streets here. Our Indian friends will take care of it.

          • I hope to get there again! I do have feelings of gratitude. ☺️🌷

          • Maybe we should just go to Oklahoma.

          • 🤣🤣😅imagine!

    • yes with life is death…we celebrate birth and yes death…my parents had full and adventurous lives…and their deaths changed me. thanks kindly for your comments Amber 🙏🌷 appreciated smiles hedy

  3. Sound thoughts – I would add that we here can en masse mourn the death of public figures while not acknowledging our grief at the deaths of those close to us.

    • so many humans grieving…it’s hard to know what’s behind each story…but seeing beauty and being outside sure helps me…sending you joy Derrick and enjoy your garden 🌷🤓 I appreciate your comment ~ smiles hedy

  4. Death has been all around and close to me for years.
    Notice, I don’t talk about it much
    Have a beautiful day dear Hedy, love Eddie

    • Thank you kindly for your teachings Eddie…you taught me many things over the years of witnessing death and dying…now I do talk about it…less as the pain ball gets smaller and smaller and now this last celebration of ashes to ashes…a new chapter begins and for that I’m grateful and ready for!
      it’s a snowy day here…🌱my tulips are only starting to poke out…today they will hide…it’s a beautiful day🌷🙃 sending you love and all good things ~ hugs hedy

  5. That middle photo especially! Gorgeous.

    • it was an amazing day Alison…my father would have said “unbelievable”…it’s a pretty nice place. sending you joy hedy 🌷☺️🙃

  6. I presume these are the mountains you mentioned. Lovely, let’s hope we can go there as well one day. Love and light to all of you <3

    • yes René…here we spent much time…good memories for sure…and yes I’m sure you’ll love it 🤓☺️❣️ hugs and love back over the pond

  7. Great shots. I really need to brush up on my French but I think I get the gist 🤣

    • mine’s lame…I’ve just been listening and watching to artists from different cultures to drown out all the noise…although my mother loved Nana Mouskouri…brings up lovely memories for me too…have a joyful day Stevie…have a snappy week ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫🌷

  8. Beautiful captures. Death is hard to comprehend sometimes but family and friends help us through.

    • yes always grateful for being surrounded by love…it’s the stuff left behind…you know…sudden death is different than an aging death…the mind/body connection and the stories we tell ourselves…making meaning of life means including death…”intermediate state”, “transitional state”, “in-between state”, “liminal state” …it was the most amazing spring day…as my father would have said “unbelievable”…sending you joy and love for a wonderful day…hoping you’ve been able to see your grand-babies Terry. spring is coming 🌷☺️❣️

      • Wonderfully stated Hedy. Grand-babies ( the oldest are 16 and 12, not babies anymore) are doing fine but it has been a while since I’ve been able to see the 3 in California. Life has not made it a good time to visit down there. Have a wonderful week. All my best to you and your family.

        • 😳i have no sense of time…soon you will see them all I imagine…I did go to see our now 5 year old boy 👦…I wish I was closer…everyone is fine…sending you a big hug and joy Terry 🤗🌷

  9. There is something calm and elegant about these pictures.
    Excellent work, Hedy.

    • well that’s all I could hope for 🙏🤓 thank you kindly Rabirius ☺️🌷 have a creative week music 🎼 🎶 🎹 🎨 🎥 🎷 📷 🎺🎧 thanks for saying appreciated. hugs hedy

  10. Hello Miss Hedy … love these images my friend. What a stunning reflection. Are those geese enjoying a swim? Wonderful post

    • the geese are symbols and a gift to see them there Julie…it was a stellar day… and thank you for your kindness and comments 🙏🌷 I appreciate them…sending you joy across the pond ~ hugs hedy 🤗

  11. The landscape is a mirror. C’est vrai, la fin du voyage est toujours loin.

  12. L afin du voyage est-elle si loin? I sometimes wonder about our civilisation. With all its flaws… I will still take over many, many others… Stay safe.

    • amazing time to be alive…and witness…so many voices…I’m safe and doing fine…hope you and your loved ones are also hanging and hanging out ~ sending you all good things 🌷💖

      • Sending back. You and I might get in trouble for international trafficking of good things. 🙏🏻💕🌹🐰🍷

        • we have many hares 🐇 🐰 in the neighbourhood and apparently raccoons are also moving into the city 😳 I’ve been outside as much as possible … happy weekending Brian 🌷☺️🤗

  13. Powerful images, Hedy! For me that hidden glow of the first photo that just brushes the sides of the peak is so beautiful and resounding. As to death… I cannot help but think we die to life somehow. As if we cross the ridgeline into that glorious glow. And I’m more and more thinking such views are possible here and now, in this life… so I agree with your opening thoughts on keeping death present to enrich our present. So we carry that promise of new life with us wherever we go!


    • Thank you kindly for your comment Michael always appreciate your reflections…it was a beautiful morning…and day…and it’s a brand new 24 hours so we move forward 🤓 and with spring comes 🌷and new life ~ hugs and joy your way ☺️🤗 hedy

  14. Absolutely true🌷

  15. Like those B&W scenics, especially #2 with the reflection.

    • Thank you kindly David…it was a brilliant bright day…it was a gift 💝 thank you kindly for saying ~ sending you joy ☺️🌷 smiles hedy

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