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Robert Englund’s EVIL number

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According to Buddha

When somebody provokes your anger, the only reason you get angry is because you’re holding on to how you think something is supposed to be. You’re denying how it is. Then you see it’s the expectations of your own mind that are creating your own hell. When you get frustrated because something isn’t the way you thought it would be, examine the way you thought, not just the thing that frustrates you. You’ll see that a lot of your emotional suffering is created by your models of how you think the universe should be and your inability to allow it to be as it is.

but you tell me over and over and over again, my friend
ah, you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction
and marches alone can’t bring integration
when human respect is disintegratin’
this whole crazy world is just too frustratin’


a moment with the BullDog ~ a day ago ~ Etown – Amiskwaciwâskahikan ᐊᒥᐢᑲᐧᒋᐋᐧᐢᑲᐦᐃᑲᐣ ~ April 2021

  1. De Bulldog.. Good T-shirt! 🙂 🙂 See you!

    • yes the coffee shop was an entry into our little street blurt…BullDog said “you’re a Liberal”…I said no of course 😉 we exchanged some random but typical rants of naming, shaming and blaming government…which never works 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️but I listen (for a while) then I reminded BullDog Trudeau did legalize cannabis…it’s not all bad here ☺️🙃…many Canadians rage here…my Latin friends are often very confused about that…see you Harrie🌞🤗

  2. very true

    • lots of humans just want a moment to talk and then there are ones who loop…you know Beth you work with listen ones…sometimes I just think no one ever listened to them…trauma lingers in all kinds of ways…have a fun and joyful week Beth ~ sending you joy hedy ☺️🌷🌞

  3. People are frustrated. It’s still not an easy time.

    • yes Chris…here I can see and feel/hear the humans stories…waves of rage and collective grieving in the air…not that life is ever easy but with so many contested voices, doctors, academics, scientists, politicians, media, etc…I don’t know…but BullDog went back to polishing his car…and broke into another rant about gas prices…ahhhh I felt for him…sending you joy…I’m hiding today loud music and outside 🌞 even if it’s fresh 🌱

  4. It’s all too human to deny reality when it doesn’t fit in with our ego-mind. May we all wake up to a kinder world of interconnectedness 💛🙏💛

    • ☺️🤓yes Val…denial can be powerful and even useful sometimes…eventually something gives…embrace loving kindness is always possible 🌷💖🌷 compose a beautiful day ~ hugs hedy

  5. I often like to remind people that Socrates just asked questions of people (this is why his name means “safe keeping” or “saving power” — talking with him will never harm you, and can’t harm him, because he is in love with being, with the Good beyond being). He never shut out a conversation when the other person was willing to talk. Of course, sometimes the speech of the other party isn’t speech, but a fire hose; usually, folks like to be heard. Folks like this one usually aren’t even really upset about the totem lightning rod they make noise about; it’s important, if one can, to let them name their actual pain. It’s not easy, though, because, as you wrote, we aren’t spotless mirrors ourselves.

    • yes a fire hose…and yes I’m not a spotless mirror Gregory but I do try my best to listen…thank you for your kindness and comments 🤓🙏 I appreciate what you have said here ~ compose a joyful day ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫

  6. Very true. ♥️

  7. Interesting words. You are right.

  8. Fascinating times. I think a lot about what these folks are trying to hold onto. I think about the fear.

    • indeed Sarah…I don’t know either but for sure just wanting to be heard…sometimes listening is hard work…I hope you’re well and I send you joy 🌷☺️ smiles hedy

  9. Eve of destruction indeed… weird isn’t it?

  10. Truly, Buddhism believe in peaceful life😊

    • yes…RoseyEvening…and Buddhists also have a lot to say…I’ve learned a lot along the way…peace is every step 🤓I remember my yoga teacher in 1997 she gave me Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life by Thich Nhat Hanh…it changed me ☺️💖 have a ☮️ day ~ smiles hedy

  11. so true and we get to practice this a lot as we do until we get it right. Love to you Hedy! 💖

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