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According to Buddha

Whenever they rebuild an old building, they must first of all destroy the old one.

rebuild, rebuild, rebuild
rebuild, recharge.
rebuild, recharge
rebuild, rebuild, rebuild


a day or so ago Legislature Annex building + Legislative Assembly of Alberta ~

  1. Great selfie, be a light unto yourself. 😊💡😊

  2. ‘I’ am worn out. Breaking down.
    Fresh start is mandatory. Old must go!
    Recharge, renew, refresh, regenerate.

    • om shanti dear Eddie…refresh and recharge…sleep always helps for me 🤓☺️ hope you’re enjoying your garden ~ hugs and joy 🌷💫

  3. ♥️

  4. Beautiful work! (As usual.)

  5. Wonderful post.🌷

  6. Great Pics Hedy and yes, they are usually much better that way than trying to fix and patch!
    💖💖💖 love to you!

    • yes sometimes it’s good to start fresh new roots…new foundations…happy weekending Cindy 🌷💖 always appreciate your kind and reflective comments 🤗💖

  7. Or, you can do what big cities do, build over the old one. Seattle has an underground, so does Atlanta. I think Winnipeg might have one, or at least part of one. I do know Winnipeg has the ruins of a burnt out cathedral, with a cemetery right outside.

    • we also have thee patch job buildings here our art gallery…our library…I don’t know can’t say our downtown architectural works are always pleasing too my eye…I enjoyed the Forks in Winnipeg…I went there once for a horse show…been many years since Ive been there…happy weekending David ~ emending you joy and thank you for your comments ☺️🙏 appreciated hedy ☺️🌷

  8. Ooooh! I love these.

  9. Nice series. We don’t need destroy the old to rebuild.

    • Thank you for saying Alex and yes indeed need not destroy…here often things are not built for long periods of time…with wood…however when architect and urban planners work together wonderful imaginings are possible of course…there are places here that appear chaotic to my eye…but I’m not at the table so I let it go and look inside…you know ~ sending you joy 🌷🤗💫

  10. Very neat self-portraits… 👏🏻
    Happy week-end Hedy.

  11. Great work once more, Hedy, sorry I have been away – I got overwhelmed by the old inbox. Love the rhythm of images here. 🙂 Have a great weekend…

    • No worries ever Lynn I know life seems well who knows strange but the same but different of course … I’m more inward … still planning a visit to the family on the west coast for July so I’m thinking that ought to happen but I’m staying in the now … it’s been a fine spring week even had some rain 🌞👌🌷💚 I’ll check your adventures too! 💫💚

      • July will be a great time to visit them…it’s good that you had some rain, we could use some, too but one can’t complain when it’s a mix of sun and clouds and comfortable temps. We’re going to Boston & NY next week to see family and friends so busy times over here. Hoping to meet one blogger/photographer I’ve known online only for years… it’ll be fun. Have a good day, Hedy, thanks for being understanding. 🙂

        • Be well and have a lot of fun Lynn I send you all good things and a big hug and who know what’s happening here everything seems 🤷‍♀️ smiles from my garden ☀️🌱🌷only partial tulips still 🤣

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