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19th Strobogrammatic number

In Architecture, Buddhist philosophical concepts, by Hedy Bach, Colour photography, Fotografia, FujiX100V, Minimal photography, minimalism, New Topographics, Photography, Street photography, Words of music on 2021/05/30 at 04:00

According to Buddha

The end is another beginning.

so don’t forget to breathe
don’t forget to breathe
your whole life is here


blue stairs a few weeks or months ago ~ Granville Island Public Market ~ Vancouver BC~ May 2021

  1. Each moment

  2. Amazing shots! Random! And I’m still breathing 🙏

    • Yes breathing in and out … all one stair well … gotta get my steps up 🤓🫀👣and I love blue … happiness your way hedy 💫

  3. Stairs of steel and steel. The shapes and patterns are irresistible. Excellent photos.

  4. Beginnings and endings, beginnings and endings,
    how many must there be, before we can get to the
    real bottom of everything!
    It’s a fine day in the neighborhood. hugs, Eddie

    • I like middles Eddie … and I don’t know it’s all a fascinating to witness 🤓🤔🥺😩😳I’m hiding but went out today patios are open again and we have summer weather ☀️😎🤔be outside 💫hugs 🤗

  5. Oh, I love these images, Hedy. Well seen and beautifully photographed. Breathing…💙

  6. Great quote and excellent images. Hedy!

  7. 🔷️🙏🏻

  8. Don’t forget to Breath.. Nice Alexi song. Stairways usually go to Heaven, don’t they.. 🙂 Keep breathing!

  9. Beautiful blue. Starway to heaven!

  10. every step we take closer to the sky in your beautiful blue steps Hedy. Every breath a gift. hugs🤗

    • Yes been watching the clouds these days and being outside as much as possible ☺️🌞😎🌺killing a few flowers but oh well lots is growing thanks kindly Cindy ❣️🙏

  11. nice blues

  12. You do see what most people don’t. Compliments. (Breathe. Smile. Breathe.)

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