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New Balance 1982 sneaker number

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According to Buddha

Don’t think about the past. Just be here now. Don’t think about the future. Just be here now.

i'm gone fishing
sounds crazy i know
i know nothing about fishing

but just watch me go


a day ago, Pier the in White Rock, BC ~ June 2021

  1. Nice photos, Hedy. I always enjoytaking pictures along piers like this.

  2. 🌹

  3. Some wise words from Buddha.

    And awesome photos! I love the gray clouds there, it really accentuates the pier.

    • Apologies for my delayed response…it was a stormy day but still so beautiful 🤓☺️ sending joy Lucy compose a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy 💫

  4. Amen

    Oh those photos Hedy, perfect
    what great day to smile!

    • Yes away from Alberta always a bigger smile…you know new spaces and places to poke my nose into…sending sunny smiles and hugs Eddie 😎🌞🙃🙂❣️

  5. Excellent photos. I’m not into fishing either. I don’t like to eat fish, and I don’t have the patience.

    • I eat fish. Being in a land locked province makes fish special…of course we have fish from rivers and stores but here it’s fresh! ☺️👌🌷 have a snappy day ~ smiles hedy

  6. I kinda agree with Mr. Price. Kinda, because I don’t like eating crawfish, which are in season right now. All work, little reward.

    • I’ve not really had crawfish…I get trout…everything else is frozen some comes from Iceland…now I’m hungry 🤣😅🤓sending you joy Ray 💫

      • The meat tastes like salty shrimp. But, too much work. Break it in half, pull the meat out of the tail and suck the head. Rinse and repeat 100 times. Peace.

        • Peace ☮️ I think I’m lazy actually…doesn’t sound fun…like stuffing mushrooms 🤷‍♀️ why bother 🙃🙂🤣

          • That’s another excellent question. You’re not lazy. You’re like we are. You’d prefer to spend your time cooking and eating something you enjoy. To me mushrooms are useless.

            There is one positive thing to crawfish. Usually, when you have a crawfish boil you invite your friends and neighbors. You eat on picnic benches covered with newspaper. The boil is spread out on the newspaper towards the middle. It contains crawfish, potatoes, short corn on the cob and andouille sausages. You sit down and eat what’s in front of you and hang with your friends. That’s cool. Hugs.

          • That’s sounds so fun with friends and family to have a such an experience…I remember French fries in newspaper with Fritessaus in the Netherlands…so yummy…had some fish and shrimps here…hugs back Ray ☺️🌷🤗

          • It is. We go, but we both pick out the sausage, potatoes and corn and eat that. People are used to us. We are running out of food, but neither of us want to go. Time to order online and have it delivered.

            Today is the 50th anniversary of Joni Mitchell’s “Blue.” I know every word. The NY Times did a long piece on it. They interviewed a number of musicians about it. David Crosby said what he always says, “She was the best of us.”

            More hugs, Ray

          • She is 💝 appreciate your hugs and sending some back 🤗☺️💫

          • Thank you. If you’ve never listened to Valerie June talk, find her someplace. She’s on Facebook and instagram for sure. She has an east Tennessee mountain accent that I could listen to for hours.

          • She was at the folk fest here in etown a while back and I did hear her…I appreciate her music and voice ☺️💫

          • Yes. Musical Miss produced an album for her about two albums back. Her label, Concord, is really working her new album and book. This is her breakthrough time.

  7. You must be visiting family and I bet you’re having a great time! I love this series – the way the white parts of the umbrella bleed into the background is fantastic – it really sets off the spirit of the photos, with the man caught mid-stride. The gull composition has an Oriental feeling of delicacy and the last photo gives me the sense that I”m there. And as usual, your color choices are perfect. 🙂

  8. Nice photos.
    You go! 🎣 😊

  9. Same message different days.. always the way. great shots Hedy 💖💖👏

  10. In keeping with the New Balance sneaker theme, Thich Nhat Hanh’s observation (in How To Walk) that each footstep is an arrival.

    • Oh so lovely Thich Nhat Hanh’s another favourite those Buddhists have a lot to say right Penny … smiles from white rock here on a spontaneous *doggie crisis* but all good 🤓🐶🐶🐶back in a month hoping for a walk! Sending you joy 💫

  11. I ran many miles in New Balance from 1982 onwards

  12. White Rock is close to Vancouver, right? That’s where you normally go?

  13. watch me go indeed – and great photos – the man with the umbrella is really cool

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