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Shipley’s ‘Physics self taught’ number

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According to Buddha

This being human is a guest house. Every morning is a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor…Welcome and entertain them all.

educated in a small town
taught the fear of jesus in a small town
used to daydream in that small town


a day ago in the town of Morinville, AB ~ June 2021

  1. Amazing building.
    Something with no windows is something you don’t really see usually. Especially because nowadays the windows cannot be big enough.
    Excellent series.

    • It was a strange site to me the hotel part goes down a ways … and I’m with you on windows and light … especially ones that open and let I fresh air 🤓☺️🌞 humble thank you Rabirius for your comments 🤓🙏 have a creative day ~ sending joy hedy 💫

  2. Weird! No windows! I suppose on the other side of the building there’s a huge party going on, by a pool, an artificial beach, cold drinks……….or it’s just the same!

    • Yes some postmodern beach 🤓🤣 the hotel part is further down and I have no idea with inside the box … on the other side there was some shops … everything you’d need for a party 🍺🍷🌿😉😆 happy weekending Ashley thanks kindly for your comments ~ sending joy hedy 💫

  3. wow

    • ☺️😉😆he was so curious and confused by what I was seeing I told him about new topographic photography 🙂🙃 we shared a moment and a giggle Beth … have a happy Sunday ~ sending joy 💫

  4. He looks like a friendly gent. I hope you’re enjoying summer, Hedy.

    • It was a quiet morning we wee both watching each other…and yes made me smile…you know that little moment in time…and yes now apparently we’re in a heat dome 🤓🌞😎hoping your days are treating well Chris ~ hugs and joy your way 💫

  5. This is an amazing wonderful perfect series.

    • Gosh ☺️🙏that’s nice for me to read Michael it was a fun moment … was out for our foto Friday walkabout … always love to visit local towns and villages 👌 enjoy the sea and have a creative week ~ sending joy💫

  6. Not an inviting hotel.

    • Right I think more motel 🙃🙂🤓 I’m not sure…as I walked down I saw more rooms … wonder what it’s like inside 🤔☺️ have a joyful day Timothy 💫

      • Having no windows makes it quite mysterious as to what’s inside. It might be like the Hotel California. “You check in anytime you like, but you can never leave.”

      • That should have been “checkout anytime you like…”

  7. You never know what a day might bring.
    What would you like to see?

    • ☺️🤔🙂🙃well hmmmmm always grateful for a surprise 💫 sending you hugs and joy Eddie 😎playing in my garden with sunflowers 🌻fun for fall here 🍁

  8. What a weird hotel… and what a contrast with the smile on the man’s face! 😉 Excellent shots, my dear Hedy! Happy Sunday and week ahead! xoxoxoxo

  9. Lovely captures Hedy! The guy looks more welcoming that the hotel that’s for sure. Thanks for the smile 💕

    • We had a brief exchange about “what are you seeing anyways?” Delightful human…smiles back Val have a peaceful week ☯️☮️💟

  10. Profound. 🙏🏻🌹

    • It was a weird and wonderful foto walk Amber…and this human made me smile and laugh for sure…hoping you’re enjoying some summer ☺️😎💫

  11. No windows … certainly not for the agoraphobic. But would make it the ideal place on a brutally cold day.

    • Oof I think it might be as cold as a barn or rink 🤷‍♀️ I must go back and see what piece of the hotel it is…around the other corner was liquor, cannabis, snacks 😳🥳🤣have a joyful day David 💫

  12. Great post Hedy and hotel for uninvited guests… they have no way in or no way out💖💖 🤗🤗🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Always a way out 🔛at least I hope so Cindy 😳🤣but for sure peculiar space…may need to go and find out more 🤓☺️ sending joy 💫

  13. It seems that it would take a good bit of nerve to walk up and go through that door…a lot more than I would have, I think. 😬😳 Amazing!

    • I will open it yet…apparently tomorrow all out restrictions are open…so maybe I’ll head back…and last night their Catholic Church was gutted by fire…it’s been a strange week here Mic…🤓💫have a snappy day ☺️

      • Hmmm. It sounds like a strange week…but they way the world is right now it’s hard to know how to make that judgment. Enjoy your adventures, Hedy. 🙂

  14. Great series Hedy.

    • Did do the dog walking easily in this hood…quiet and so tidy thanks for saying Alison 🙏have cool day…the dome heat here so wild🌞🥵I’m drying up🤓🤣😅

  15. A hotel with no windows. A smiling… owner?
    A church burnt to the ground.
    Are they burning churches in Canada now?
    When is Canada’s Day?
    Strange times.
    Stay safe.

    • A smiling local not the owner wondering what I was seeing 🧐🤓🤣 and yes Brian…my thoughts have been heavy and troublesome…triggers a lot for me…I didn’t go into the church but I did make a sloppy post for Sunday of the church🧡🙏 I think of children, students and families I’ve worked with along the way…we still need to learn and unlearn…lots of heart feelings…we must do better. 🙏🧡 happy turtle island day…I mindfully celebrate the good I also know we do…in my hedy head 🤓 back to the land hands in the dirt 🌻

      • Heavy and troublesome? Sorry to hear that? Anything I can do? 💕🌹

        • No no it’s all part of the life…I art my way out and music and yoga and surrounded by loved ones ☺️🧡I’m grateful and thank you for your kindness and comments and connection Brian…hoping you’re seeing some sun 🌞 37 here and winds…feet in the kiddie pool 😂🙏

  16. A disturbing hotel. It has something unreal.

    • right…can’t imagine what’s in there as I’ve said earlier I really need to go back and check it out! Thank you kindly for your comments and kindness Alex ☺️🙏❣️ hugs hedy

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