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Vintage Fisher Price record player

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According to Buddha

You hide me in your cloak of nothingness. Reflect my ghost in your glass of being. I am nothing, yet appear: transparent dream. Where your eternity briefly trembles.

hey, little darling
i’m gonna take you out of the darkness
i wanna walk with you in the light, yeah
hold your head high


a week ago Ocean Park, South Surrey, BC ~ June 2021

  1. Runaways? That ain’t no Runaways.

    This is the Runaways.

    • Well a very different vibe Cabrogal 🎶🎵🎶🎵Sam Feldt is gentler for today I’m feeling ☺️💫 but thanks for sharing cherry bomb 🔥☺️

  2. i love the purple flowers and the tiny house

    • The flora was so rich and yes the little tiny house was a fun juxtaposition to the larger homes and trees…have a fun day Beth ~ sending joy ☺️💫🌸

  3. Poring slowing from ‘my glass of being’ droplets appear,
    it’s a perfectly good day for a smile, love, Eddie

    • ☺️🙏thank you Eddie…I do love the words of Rumi 🤓…it’s a very hot day here so moving slow and smiling 😎sending love and joy to you too💛💫

  4. Beautiful ‘dreamy’ veil on your images, my dear Hedy! Many hugs your way! 🙏 xoxoxo

  5. Those three massive tree trunks are hard to ignore!

    • Right Neil well to me for sure … as we have thin spindly trees here in etown…these are trees close to where my daughter lives and I was amazed 😳 walked by them a few times is awe…sending you joy…will listen to some Springsteen soon 🎶🎵☺️

  6. Beautiful Hedy and love your images and pup dog. Always inspiring messages of truths💖💖💖
    hugs to you today💖

  7. Like the size of the front porch in #3, long as those tall trees don’t creak and moan in the wind. 🙂

    • Oof that wouldn’t be fun 😳 it’s very different walking in the woods there compared to etown…howling dry winds here 🌞 have a happy weekend David ~ sending you joy 💫🌸

  8. Walking in the light. Nice!

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