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Working hour system number

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According to Buddha

Every religion is the product of the conceptual mind attempting to describe the mystery.

remember me
(remember me)
when the sun comes up in the morning sky
there i will be
(there i will be)
soaring with the eagle so high feeling free
remember me
when the sun comes up in the morning sky
down the road
hand in hand


a week ago St. Jean Baptiste Catholic Church 5 days later the church was destroyed by fire ~ Morinville, AB ~ June 2021

  1. Thank god I’m an atheïst..

    • I diid tell my friends that morning “not a good day to be a Catholic” 🤦‍♀️…and yes Han…I’m sloppy too ~ big hugs hoping your doing well ❣️🤓💫

      • I’m oké, catholics and children.. not a good match.

        • humans can/have/do horrible things to children…reading the stories in the TRC commission is heart wrenching 😰 glad you’re doing good…hugs over the pond Han 🤗💛💫

  2. I never heard of the working hour system before and it was enlightening. In 2020, a study likened this culture to “modern slavery”, formed through the combination of “unrestricted global capitalism and a Confucian culture of hierarchy and obedience.

    • neither did I Shaharee…that’s part of the fun in searching out the numbers for me 🤓☺️ and it somehow felt very fitting to me for this post…thank you kindly for your comments ~ sending you joy ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫

  3. Did the fire have anything to do with the finding of hidden graves? Or, are there wildfires in this area too?

    • no wild fires close to us yet…BC however is burning 🥵 🔥…and we don’t know…but the shoes are a symbol of the dead children…who died at the hands of one of the nuns, or the priests…it’s troubling…thank you kindly for your comments Ashley 🙏🌷I’ve attached a new article…from Murray Sinclair, a former senator and one of the country’s first Indigenous judges, warned that the “undiscovered truths” 🤓 sending you joy hedy

      • Hedy, this is such a heartbreaking story. How many more times do we have to hear about these atrocities before real action is taken? Your post left me asking even more questions about the supposed civilised society we are part of; out of which, we were born! I may now be into my 70s but I’m still passionate about a fairer, and more just approach to life! Thank you for the article. I send joy from my heart in return, from a troubled NI. 💝💐🙋‍♂️

        • Having worked with and along side of indigenous peoples I knew stories they told…the last residential school closed in 1996…I also see and know the ptsd and generational trauma…the 60’s scoop is also another piece…I do believe together we can change…restitution and justice must happen…thanks for saying Ashley we must do better ❣️🌹sending peace … a jingle dance is always healing 👌❣️maybe you know this too…it’s uplifting and filled with love…

          • Thanks, Hedy, for this wonderful video. I smiled throughout.😊
            A book I read recently was Robin Wall Kimmerer’s “Braiding Sweetgrass”. Her voice reminded me to listen to “the shhh of the wind in needles, water trickling over rock…” something I have been trying to write about for a long time! I was so taken with that book that I bought her first book “Gathering Moss” which awaits my attention but must wait until I have finished Suzanne Simard’s “Finding the Mother Tree”.
            Again, thanks for the jingle dance. We could do with some of that here!
            Peace to you 💐🙋‍♂️

          • I worked on a red dress project for a very short while here … it’s all so sad that I was happy when my friend told me about the positive work they were doing with the children and healing … and yes the jingle dresses are beautiful and strong … I’ve not read those books yet … so many good authors and music … so nice to connect … Thelma Plum is also cool … I’m sure you know many as well Ashley … thanks kindly for the connections ☺️🙏☮️💟

  4. That’s so sad. You captured it well in these reflections.

    • it’s sad on so many levels Chris…I appreciate your comment…enjoy the start of summer school…sending you all good things ☺️🌷💫hugs hedy

  5. Like the quote! Quit religion and face the mystery with our true self’s, as free individuals; that makes us equals as well.. and we have something to talk about.. Fine reflections! just before the fire.. was it lit; or an accident? See you, Hedy!

    • as a survivor/warrior of the Dutch Christian Reform church I know…hence I’m a sloppy buddhist ☺️🤓yes I captured these just before the fire…and we still don’t know for sure how or who…see you Harrie ~ have a joyful day!

  6. so tragic, perfect images and words

    • Thank you kindly Beth…I made the images before the fire…so it was all so strange to me…and yes tragic…sending you joy for the week and all the little ones ☺️🌷❣️

  7. Was it arson or accident? What use is it to burn a church, when beliefs and faith are within a human’s mind and heart?

    • well no one knows yet Hien…it was a heat dome here last week and it was a wooden structure so…I’m thinking fire investigations will determine how…or who…although I chose to not go in…some other foto friends captured amazing images of the inside…and indeed beautiful…Morinviille has had 3 church fires in the last nine years…not much makes sense to see these days in my hedy head…sending you peace and joy ~ hugs ☺️🤗💫

  8. A sad story. The life as a reflection.

    • its all sad…and yes reflections of life and a need for history here…this may well bee a turning point to make the TRC meaningful…we must do better. 🤓😔…I knew of these stories from my past work…more stories will emerge I have no doubt 🤓🌷sending peace Alex

  9. What’s more real the broken shadow of fate or abstract reflectionism of an image caught in the moment, preserving a part of the parish now perished? Wonderful photos, Hedy. Sad loss of a beautiful church.

    • the church was all wood…it was weird for me to see the images I created and then knowing it perished Timothy…this along with temperatures close to 40 all week…it was so strange to reflect on my reflections … thank you for your kindness 🙏☺️ sending you joy ~ hedy

  10. Creative photography. Representative of the blurring lines – overlapping issues – tragic from every angle, although your poem is hopeful.

    • Thank you kindly VJ…it was strange making the post and then 2 days later reading it was burned down…it is tragic indeed…and the words are from Fawn Wood…her song is so beautiful and hopeful☺️❣️ sending you joy ~ smiles hedy

  11. Even if we never know, it’s good to think about it

  12. The lost children’s shoes and toys on the steps and the way you caught the reflections are so poignant Hedy

    • I couldn’t go into the church Tranature…too many troublesome thoughts of the children…may all of them be named…in the words of Murray Sinclair “We need to know who died, we need to know how they died, we need to know who was responsible for their deaths or for their care at the time that they died…“We need to know why the families weren’t informed. And we need to know where the children are buried.”…this may move our TRC forward…thank you kindly for your comment ☺️🌷🙏 sending joy hedy

  13. Very true. All paths lead home, we are walking each other home…Religion is conceptualising the mystery, trying to make the unknowable unknown known. 🙏🏻

    • right Amber that is Ram Dass says as well ‘we are walking each other home’…and yes all the unknowns…perhaps, all is in harmony Amber sending you joy and hugs over the pond ☺️🤗❣️

  14. Sorry to hear about the fire, Hedy. How sad. Your photo preserved the image of the church.

    • Actually 3 foto friends went in and they captured beautiful images I imagine they have the last ones taken…I took these as a reflective moment as I choose not to go into the church but for sure it’s all so tragic…there is still no definite cause but many speculations during this time for us…I’m sad for the small community of Mornville as well…it’s a complicated story Miriam lots of players…thanks for your comments always appreciated ~ sending you joy and writing vibes … hugs hedy ☺️🤗🌹

  15. I guess I’m not too sad at all about the loss of the church. The Protestant Church (of any denomination) and especially the Catholic Church have a lot to answer for. One of the articles you linked links to another article about 2 churches burnt on BC reserves.
    I’m intrigued by the way you’ve photographed it – as if behind a veil, as if it’s true face is a secret. Sums it up pretty much for me.

    • Yup I’m with you Alison I feel there’s a need for real justice…it’s over due…heading through Kamloops tomorrow on my way to the west coast 🐶bringing the old mutt this time…we’ll connect for sure…and I appreciate your words 🤓🙏❣️🌹

  16. oh my I’m soooo sorry to hear this and be late. This is truly sad

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