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the number of Avalokiteśvara’s arms

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According to Buddha

 It’s your light that lights the world.


a tiny look at an amazing group of creatives…interviews, paintings, sculptures, menus, music history, fiction, collages, photography, illustration, jewellery art and reviews…courtesy:

Deanne Achong, Hedy Bach, Laura Barbato, Chris Bronsk, Elena Caravela, Barry Comer, David Cook, Richard Guest, Joanne Haywood, Toby Holmes, Linda Hubbard, Nicola Light, Wilma Millette, Dan Parnell, Eleni Poulou, David Powell, Edward Redwood, Carole Stuartson, and Dan Thompson

some shameless self promotion…humbled to be included…if you wish to take a closer look you can support ~ Glamberton by Richard Guest who lives and works in London, UK. ~ July 2021

  1. Congratulations, Hedy. That’s great. Enjoy your week.

    • Thank you kindly Chris🙏Wonderful to be away from alberta for a month…so it’s all good…no smoke here either so I’m filled with gratitude ☺️🕊have a joyful week too🌞

  2. Exceptional! Love this! Enjoy! 💐💐🤗🙋‍♂️

    • Thanks so much Ashley…I feel humbled and Richard is a wonderful interviewer…it was a good learning experience for me too 🤓 learning about external drives and raw fotos too 🙃🤭☺️🕊hugs back💫

  3. Congratulations Hedy, you deserve it!

  4. Very cool, Hedy. Congratulations.

  5. Without stimulation the heart would not beat
    art and poetry fulfills wishes.
    best of all worlds Hedy, love to you dear heart, Eddie

  6. Hi Hedy, and congrats!

  7. Congratulations Hedy! Your entries in the book are vintage Sloppybuddhist and, thus, wonderful images. I read the interview and somehow it matches my thoughts about how you think and work. Many greetings from a warm and sunny Groningen. 🙂

    • Groningen say hello to my cousin ☺️🙋‍♀️ and thank you kindly Peter for your comments and support of my sloppy blog ~ sending joy 🙏🕊🌞appreciated!

  8. A post that marks a milestone that coincides with some recognition of your photographic skills. You have been coming a long way and have apparently managed not only to mesmerize a big chunk of the blogosphere but also to draw some appreciation of fellow photographers. Congratulations.

    • Humble thank you Urban…I never imagined this when I started sloppy🤓I do love blogging and I love my little black box 📷appreciate your kind words ~ thank you for your support too 🙏☺️🕊

  9. Awesome-congratulations! 👍👍👍👍

  10. Congratulations, Hedy! A thoughtful interview. I appreciate your intentional approach to finding the way in photography (my mother is an artist as well, practice is essential). Thank you for sharing your work!

    • Humble thank you MC ☺️🙏thanks for reading too I know my mother would also have been happy…I learned a lot from her too…appreciate your comments 🙏🕊☺️hoping all is well ~ sending joy hedy 💫

  11. Congratulations! A book with a lot of talent inside.

    • Right Alex I was thrilled to be included humbled ☺️and yes so many creatives🤓sending you hugs and joy over the pond 🕊🌞💫

  12. Congratulations Hedy. I love the pairings – you’ve created really interesting juxtapositions that had me looking twice.

    • 🙏☺️it was a good challenge for me on many levels…choosing images was tough…appreciate your support and comments 💝see you next week!

  13. Wonderful, Hedy, congratulations. It’s your light… 🙂

  14. Wonderful Miss Hedy!!! Congratulations! 💫👏

    • Humble thank you dear Julie I also appreciate all your encouragement and kind comments ☺️🙏❣️ sending all good things ☺️💫💛

  15. Congratulations! Such a wonderful feature, composition and interview. Love that light, in titles, in teachings, in images, in reflections (& memories), in compositions, in humility and in humanity has become your light and one you share with all of us.

    • Heartfelt Sharon thank you so much for being you and always shining…such a dear friend you are to me 💞💝🤓so happy to read these words 🙏hugs and much love 💫💝🥰😘

  16. Congratulations, Hedy! So good to see this and so well deserved…Thanks for sharing your insights and images with us over the years and now in print.

    • Humble thank you Mic I’m thrilled to have been included with the group of creatives 🤓🙏 I also need to learn more about printing…I love that platt of photography always lots to learn along the way ☺️💫 sending you joy for a happy day ~ hedy 🤗🙏

  17. Congratulations Hedy!
    well captured in words and print!!!!!

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