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Surrey’s number of steps park

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According to Buddha

You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.

the sea has spoken


a day or so ago Crescent Beach, territory of the Semiahmoo First Nation ~ Surrey BC ~ July 2021

  1. If you’re an inlander like me it’s just the day for the coast! 😎🙋‍♂️

    • Oh yes land locked in that heat dome was too much for me…I like snow 😂 but these summer days on the coast with a summer breeze and constant temperature is bliss for me…sending you joy Ashley ☺️🕊🙏happy weekending!

  2. Love this💙

  3. Silly me – I thought Surrey, England

  4. Good shots

  5. Wonderful photos, Hedy. I really like the action shot of the throwing a trap or whatever it is. Perfect timing.

    • Thanks kindly Timothy I asked the man afterwards if he was ok with me photographing him 🤓👌all good…so fun to watch…I know little about the sea and crabs but they definitely were enjoying themselves 🤓☺️happy weekending sending joy 💫🙏

      • Some trees do take a lot of time to grow. The walnut was 55 years old when it died. Elms, on the other hand, are like weeds. The oldest elms I had caut downwere ten years old. Those were over 40 feet tall and had 16-inch diameter trunks. Unfortunately, elm wood isn’t good for anything but mulch and burning in fireplaces.

        • I know evergreens also have a shelf life as such especially when they are close to a home … fireplaces are nice too … but yes the walnut wood is fine…I have a box made of it…have a snappy day Timothy ☺️🕊

      • Hi hedy, I thought I was replying to your comment of the walnut.

  6. Perfect put into word and picture, Hedy, and such a beautyful piece of music, too! Wishing you all the best, much joy and laughter! 🌍🌎🌏🌺❤️🌸🌻🌻 Hugs, Silvia

  7. Great photos of the ocean and people enjoying themselves. Lovely shots, Hedy.

    • Oh yes so much so Miriam it’s delightful to see humans enjoying themselves for sure ☺️🕊🙏hoping your summer days are treating you well 💫smiles your way

      • We got together with my husband’s sister and her husband for dinner and a leisure walk along the beach yesterday. It was the first time eating out in sixteen months. We’ll have a few gathering in the summer.
        Hope your summer is delightful, Hedy. 🙂

        • I’m all about being outside always even before pandemic times…and we’ve had a tiny bubble … and I love to eat outside too … I’m grateful to be at the coast away from the smoke and fires … and to be with the little one 👦 he’s makes me laugh a lot! Happiness your way enjoy your summer days with your loved ones Miriam ~ hugs hedy ☺️🤗☺️😎

          • It’s good to hear you’re away from the smoke and fire, Hedy. The fire is far away from us also. We’re about half an hour drive to the ocean. I like being outside also. The first week of lockdown drove crazy. I’m glad we can be in the public, meeting people, going the the gym…

            It’s wonderful that you’re little ones are closer by. Enjoy your summer, Hedy. 😊🏖️😍

          • I am Miriam thanks kindly…I do love summer time here nice steady weather…every day it’s the same so cool 😎🌞🕊

  8. Relaxation, always invited, never regretted.
    Some beautiful memories here!
    Have a sweet one yourself Hedy, hugs Eddie

    • Sat on the beach for 6 hours today ☺️😎🤭😆so good for the soul! Hugs and love your way dear Eddie 💛🌞🕊

  9. Love it 😎🙏😎

  10. Wonderful people shots Miss Hedy 🙂

    • Humble thank you dear Julie smiles and joy apologies for my delayed response…been doing some family summer time here on the west coast ☺️🌞😎👣

  11. We’re not a brick, we are the wall? 🎵

  12. wonderful pictures Hedy.. and of course your words work perfectly.
    Geez, I’ve missed you! finally catching up.💖

    • I’ve also been delayed in looking and responding it’s summer and life gets on the way…I’m enjoy the time away from smoke and being by the sea ~ always delightful to hear from you Cindy ~ big hugs 💝🤗🕊

      • Oh then you understand and I’m glad you are enjoying your time by the sea. I had to look you up because I missed you. Oh glad you enjoyed my visit.. thanks and hugs to you too💖.

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