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Jansen’s visual contemplative journey book number

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According to Buddha

Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.

we’re goin’ where the sun shines brightly
we’re goin’ where the sea is blue
we’ve seen it in the movies
now let’s see if it’s true


early morning walk  Crescent Beach, territory of the Semiahmoo First Nation ~ Surrey BC ~ August 2021

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  2. More beach days. Enjoy your summer, Hedy.

    • Beach days are done now…summer continues we’re in a *heat wave* weekend…dry, smokey and hot…I love my beach time and walks…have a joyful day Chris 🌞😎💫

  3. Moving the air that is life can be complete focus or a thoughtless act.
    Finding my way home, have a fine day Hedy. hugs, Eddie

    • I’ve been re-reading the book The Forgetting of Air[1]Irigaray attempts to redirect the western philosophical framework, which focused for centuries on the act of thinking, to air, as a requisite for life, thought and action.
      She believes that western thinking has blossomed in air, but instead of analyzing the very core of its existence, it has completely overlooked it, subsequently creating a void “by using up the air for telling without ever telling of air itself”.[2] Thus has evolved a philosophy that she calls the philosophy of forgetting; in order to counterbalance it she proposes a philosophy of breathing [3]–that is, a philosophy that is based on air.
      Air has been neglected from western philosophy because “air does not show itself. As such, it escapes appearing as (a) being. It allows itself to be forgotten”[4]. So it’s the air’s ubiquitous presence that becomes an absence and a path to oblivion.

      just came into my hedy head with the wind 🌬 the day is fine…big squeeze and love back for a cozy joyful day…I’m breathing in and out inside…too smokey here ~ big squeeze flower 🌸 🌼 💛

  4. Oh! Hedy, Summer Holiday with Cliff Richard! What memories! And our dear, dear Una Stubbs (Sandy) has just passed away. 💐💐💝💖
    “Conscious breathing is my anchor” what a wonderful thing to write! 🙏🙋‍♂️

    • 👋Ashley I heard Summer Holiday on a Spotify summer play list the other day…so it popped into my head when I was pulling together my post…I remember it on the radio…and then seeing dead things always requires some breathing right…poor seal pup😢…looked up Una Stubbs…sending you all good things for a joyful day a brand new 24 hours 🥳🌞💫hedy

  5. I see some tidal flats, I think, in the first and last photo. I love walking on tidal flats. Hi, Hedy. Once again, your photos are terrific.

    • Yes the tide went out so far…as a flat lander walking on the beach is not without pitfalls😳…I seriously hurt for many days/weeks after walking in deep sand…my feet, calves and legs…oof🤦‍♀️healing…just about done. I will prepare better next time🤓the man was collecting sea weed with a pitch fork and his hands…it was a lovely caffeine moment 🙋‍♀️ sending joy thanks for your comments appreciated ☺️🙏

  6. Wonderful photos and quote. ♥️

  7. Thanks for sharing your morning walks. 🙏🏻💕

  8. Great lines, and I love the structure you have given to the picture flow; wide bright angle, narrow focus on dark decay, and back to the scenery…
    So much commentary made in that alone!👏👏👏
    Brilliant 🙏

  9. a wise and beautiful walk with amazing pictures Hedy!💖💖💖

    • Thanks kindly Cindy…walking allows me to find a lot of new things. 👣🤓❣️hoping your days are well…been away but back now and will stop by 💟🕉☮️

  10. You never know what you’re going to find…I like the limited palette/high contrast look, Hedy.

    • The next day someone made a little grave all around the pup…apparently it’s not uncommon but for me it was a tender curious moment…the patterns of nature’s way…thanks for your comments I did enjoy making the images Lynn 🤍🕊☺️

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