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According to Buddha

The spirit is so near that you can’t see it. But reach for it…don’t be a jar, full of water, whose rim is always dry. Don’t be the rider who gallops all night and never sees the horse that is beneath him/her/them.


a day or so ago ~ Clearwater, BC territory of Okelhs First Nations ~ August 2021

  1. A great set of photographs

    • ☺️🙏thanks Derrick a grateful surprise for a short little time and little talk…delightful afternoon 🌞👀🐴🐴🐴sending joy hedy 💫

  2. That is what I call horsing around. Really fun series of photos.

    • It was fun and such a good happy vibration the connection was really wonderful to witness and I do love horses 🤓🐴sending you joy Timothy happy weekending!

  3. This is what I call, good horse sense,
    great photos too, Hedy

    • And bare back the horses were their friends really joyful to see along with the dogs…it was a great afternoon 🌞☺️💛horses are special you know Eddie 🐴🕊

  4. You tell a beautiful story through these images, Hedy. Have a great week.

    • Thanks Chris horses you know make a beautiful story 🤓🐴❣️yes another week time just seems to fly 🤔🙋‍♀️have a happy day!

  5. Your photos are often so varied from one post to another. You’ve got a lot of curiosity. See ya!

    • Yes I know 🤭 some are not fond of my habitual curiosity and persistent questioning🐵🧠I’m ok with it😉my father always called me curious George 😂 I still just document my lived experiences…learning along the way☺️🙋‍♀️have a gooder Neil!

  6. So you can lead a horse to water. 🙂 Excellent storytelling through images, Hedy. Terrific in black and white.

    • Thanks kindly Jane and yes this horse was delightful just like a big dog … appreciate your comments 🙏have a creative day ~ hedy 💛🕊

  7. Nice horse pictures. 😉

  8. Beautiful images and insightful thoughts. ✨

  9. Great photos

  10. Looks a fun day!

    • Well yes Tressa this is a beautiful place in BC and we were fortunate it was also smoke free from the wildfires…it was fun! ☺️💛🐴sending joy ~ hedy 💫

  11. #visualstorytelling FTW. Love the B&W.

  12. A great series about the spirit of the mountain.

  13. Nicely done, Hedy!

  14. very beautiful pictures!

    • Thank you kindly Evrim ☺️🕊🤍compose a beautiful day and eat your cereal…I did the same here today🤓☺️big hugs over the pond!

  15. Profound thoughts. Lovely monochrome images.

  16. Wow, so much fun!! Love these … were you riding Miss Hedy?

    • No they just popped out of the woods…to cool their horses…it was a delightful moment to watch…I felt like it though sending you joy and smiles Julie 🙋‍♀️🐴🌞💫

  17. What a beautiful encounter. They had to get the horse back… LOL.
    And yes, so many riders don’t even think about the horse they’re riding.

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