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Fixx’s Woodland 8th album number

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According to Buddha

My soul is from elsewhere, I’m sure of that, and I intend to end up there.

enola gay
you shouldn’t ever have to live this way
ah-ha enola gay
you should’ve faded our dreams away


a week or so ago ~ a nostalgic walk though Lower East side, Vancouver ~ August 2021

  1. Brilliant, my dear Hedy and oh, it’s been so long since I listened to Enola Gay… school days! 😉
    Many hugs and love for a beautiful day [with no more Enola Gays] xoxoxo

  2. Excellent photos. I really like the yellow skirt with yellow shoes.

    • Thank you Timothy I asked her if I could take her picture she said sure 💛👣it was just her shoes and the juxtaposition of wealth and homelessness…it was a hard walk 🤓🤍🕊have a snappy day!

  3. A wonderful post with a great variety of amazing photos!
    Sending love and hugs dear heart, Eddie

  4. Wonderful series Hedy! Yellow and blue and especially the yellow pumps! What a great picture.

  5. Oh I love that post, great one, so much to see, to hear, to think, to remember … thank you for those wonderful pictures, especially for your reflection one! Sending hugs and keep safe and healthy! Silvia

    • Thanks so much Silvia 🙏I glad you enjoyed it and I also enjoyed making and contemplating the stories I was witnessing 🤓 so far I’m healthy and safe thank you for your kindness 🤍🕊💛have a beautiful day! Hugs 💕

  6. Life flashes by…in beautiful blues, and yellows, oranges…..

    • It was a hard/sad walk no one hardly noticed…although I have images where I believe undercover cops are looking…so many sad eyes…breaks my heart seeing the way so many humans are living/dying on the streets we can do better…just wondering how one tells these stories without it looking like poverty street porn…felt very much outsider 🤓😭🥺but colour does change the tale/reality. Sending you joy Lynn ☺️💫🕊

      • It can be very hard for a sensitive soul to witness what happens in the tougher parts of cities. I sure don’t know how to tell the story without it becoming shallow or sensationalistic but hey, at least you are asking that question! More people need to do that. These photos are a little too cheerful to elicit those desperate feelings in me but if you tone down the cheer, what’s left? Possibly the street porn you try to avoid. I suppose that if you keep going back and trying you may find an answer to the dilemma but you might rather focus elsewhere. For all that you did a great job of avoiding taking away the dignity of these people, I think.
        Best to you, Hedy!

        • I felt like I was in a film…a set of some kind…I had that feeling in a part of Baltimore as well and here in etown as well…this walk was so many humans…they barely noticed…there is really no way to walk around the hoods…so as Helen Oxenbury’s says got to go through it…seems so many different stories these days that we put a lens on and then we turn away…I don’t know…time to re-read some or Sontag’s work…layers of wonders for me Lynn…and I know many others as well 🤓🦋🤍 sending you hugs and thanks for your response appreciated🙏

  7. Love the vibes from this. Colour and form 💝

  8. Beautiful, do you feel at home here my friend? ♥️

  9. Nice post. Good pictures!

  10. Love your quote and the photos are great!

  11. That Buddha quote is me! I love this series where no matter how small yellow rules.

  12. The dividing line you mentioned I suspect is much narrower. Just one turn could put anyone of us on the street. I recently read a story where a person who died on the street had a six-figure bank account. He couldn’t find a place to stay because he had no job. No income equaled no means to rent a place. It didn’t matter how much money he had banked. Now that is scary because it can be any one of us if we were to fall into the same predicament.

    • Yes as I was told a local ‘one bad party’…and no doubt I see myself reflected in this…I have no idea what to do…and it’s a very fine line…they are all somebody’s family member…there are many services in this area…was a hard walk…and housing is so connected 🤓 it’s difficult to know what to do but I imagine more dignity…the one bad party stays with me…it is heartbreaking…sending peace David 🤍🕊🙏

  13. So much to process in your words Hedy and so many great shots. Life breaks us in two and yet we continue to walk hard as it is sometimes. Your pictures, quotes and stories are something we can all relate to and feel my friend. Thanks for sharing.💖❣️❤️🌷

  14. I’m just mad about Safron,
    A she’s just mad about me

    They call me mellow yellow…

  15. As an aside, I seem to remember the real Enola Gay in Washington DC air space. museum. Chilled my bones.

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