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According to Buddha

“And what, bhikkhus, are the seven principles of non-decline? 

 As long as the bhikkhus develop the perception of impermanence, only growth is to be expected for them, not decline. 
As long as they develop the perception of non-self . . . 
. . . . the perception of attractiveness . . .
. . . . the perception of danger . . .
. . . . the perception of abandoning . . .
. . . . the perception of dispassion . . .
. . . . the perception of cessation . . .
Only growth is to be expected for them, not decline.”
eyes without a face
(les yeux sans visage) eyes without a face
(les yeux sans visage) eyes without a face
got no human grace
your eyes without a face


a day or so ago ~ Home of Leduc No.1 ~ Leduc County ~ August 2021

  1. .. / .-.. — …- . / -.– — ..- Hedy

  2. Did you make a mistake Hedy?
    That really is a quote from the Buddha.

    • I make many mistakes Neurodrooling 🤓🙃🙂

      Bhodhi, Venerable Bhikkhu. 2012. The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha, Anguttera Nikaya. Boston: Wisdom Publications.

      remember I’m a sloppy buddhist…try my best ~ have a joyful day ☺️🌷hugs hedy 💫

  3. curious photos, even more curious words
    Have an enchanting weekend dear Hedy

    • ☺️🤓nice…I’ve been very curious these past weeks so happy the fotos maybe show that 🤓🌷 have an extraordinary day dear Eddie ~ hugs hedy 🦋🤍

  4. Your artwork is curiously attractive! Have a happy Sunday, dear Hedy! 💐🙋‍♂️💐

    • these seemed to come to life some how Ashley…little characters for me to see ☺️😉right. thanks for your wishes…an inside outside day delicious sunshine 🌞 smiles hedy

  5. ♥️

  6. I like those seven principles. Read them in my youth, still struggling to practice them.

    • well Hien I do as well…I’ve read and reread The Buddhist Theory of Impermanence…and it’s wooly 🤓🙃🙂but I love thinking about it…and three basic facts of all existence are:
      Impermanence or Change (anicca)
      Suffering or Unsatisfactoriness (dukkha)
      Not-self or Insubstantiality (anattaa).

      seems so many facts these days…change is hard work..I also struggle to practice them🤓🤍🦋sending joy hedy 💫

  7. Super photos, Hedy.

  8. Always a treat your words and pictures my Buddha friend -:)

  9. I got that song in my head now

  10. Nice images.

  11. 🙂 You make even crude oil look good, Hedy! Fantastic.

  12. Hello, I loved your blog, please visit mine and support it if you like it 🙂

  13. Everyone should know a little Morse Code beyond the SOS in Morse Code. You just never when you’ll need it. 🙂 😉

  14. The third eye of a faceless Buddha… 🙏🏻

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