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Partita’s solo flute BWV number

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According to Buddha

Bhikkhu, there is no materiality whatever…feeling…perception…formations…consciousness whatever that is permanent, everlasting, eternal, not subject to change, that will last as long as eternity.

and you’ve just had some kind of mushroom
and your mind is moving low.
go ask alice
i think she’ll know.
when logic and proportion
have fallen sloppy dead


a day ago in the garden ~ Coprinus comatus ~ Etown ~ August 2021

  1. I reckon the live Smothers Brothers version of White Rabbit is the best, especially with the video. Grace Slick’s movement and expressions are so understated in the context of the melodrama of the song and all the more powerful because of it.

    And yeah, that quote is anicca alright. A nice contrast to the futile denial of impermanence that is photography. I reckon that’s how being photographed steals bits of your soul. By nailing them to past moments as you inevitably move on.

    Except there is no soul of course. That’s anatta, the toughest of the three marks of existence to realise IMO.

    And when you add anicca and anatta what you get is utter personal extinguishment. The end of dukkha.

    • The only thing constant is change…some say…and that the sense of being a permanent, autonomous self is an illusion. This does not fit our ordinary experience…well I’m swimming in some wooly thoughts these days Neurodrooling so I appreciate your comments…and yes the end of dukkha…I keep learning along the way 🤓🤍🕊sending you joy and a hug ~ hedy

  2. It’s a good thing that only a relatively few plants have mind-altering abilities. If all the others did too, there’d be nothing for us to eat safely!

  3. Play it again Hedy! 🍄🍄🍄

    • I’ve always enjoyed Grace Slick…and I was playing music loudly this past weekend Mike 🎶🎵🐰🍄shroom free🙃🙂🤍🕊have a joyful day!

  4. with or without anything magic,
    the mountain will crumble to the sea,
    fascinating photography
    what a wonderful day Hedy
    Thank you for helping to make it that way!
    hugs, Eddie

    • Yes no magic just my mobile as I watched these mushrooms grow and drip black goo…I’d not seen these here before…and yes everything will crumble to the sea…big hugs from my rainy garden dear Eddie 🤍🕊💚

  5. Excellent images. Wonderfully stark and abstract.

    • Thanks kindly Timothy fun gardening and playing with settings on my mobile camera…some looked like little explosions 🤓🙃🙂have a joyful day ~ hugs hedy 🤍🕊

  6. I’ve always really loved mushrooms, whenever I see them grow somewhere, my heart makes a little jump of joy, don’t exactly know, why 🙂 …. great song, wonderful Grace Slick, oh, time …. have a hug or two, much joy! Silvia

    • Right i also notice them and see ones from around the world … I think they remind of fairytales and simpler times…always something magically about them 🍄🙃🙂😉yes good tunes 🎵🎶🎵now it’s quiet also nice. big hugs and love over the pond Silvia 🤍🕊

  7. great choice to show these in b/w. just “remember what the dormouse said…”

    • feed your head.” …in reference to Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland…I love that book too Buddy 🤓☺️💫have a joyful day ~ smiles hedy

  8. I watched a documentary and just did a quick search to confirm that Penicillium ascomycetous fungi are the mushroom that contains the molecule for the first antibacterial drug, penicillin.
    Excellent images, Hedy!

  9. Brilliant images and accompanying writing.♥️

  10. Oh that was fun Hedy.. loved your words and the memories!
    “go ask alice
    i think she’ll know.
    when logic and proportion
    have fallen sloppy dead”💖💖💖💖

  11. Amazing. I like all the fine details in front of a background that is nearly gone in the first two pictures.

    • Thanks kindly Rabirius ☺️🙏I played with my mobile and high key…and some tiny edits ~ sending you joy for another creative week ~ hugs hedy ☺️💫🕊

  12. Mushrooms a growing. Probably not for consumption.

    Grace Slick, who quit music a long while ago, also sort of renounced all of her Jefferson Airplane/Starship ties and music. Mickey Thomas still tours and still has the vocal chops to reach the original high notes at 71. Stephanie Calvert who sings all the Grace Slick parts, well, she’s made you forget about Grace Slick.

    • Well I did not know that David…thanks for sharing…touring and making more music wonderful 🎶💃🎵☺️I often forget the aging piece ☺️🤓sending you joy💫hedy

  13. Really fine work, Hedy. Such an unusual take on mushrooms. The first one has become a monumental sculpture…they are all powerful, as they should be. Excellent photographs!!

    • It was with my mobile and a high key filter…and many many shots…I’ve never seen these mushrooms here before dripping black liquid 😳but maybe fitting for alberta 😰🥺😉happiness your way…found some other little tiny ones in a cluster on my dog walk tonight 🍄they are magical 💫have a fun day and thanks kindly 🙏

      • Coprinus – they’re weird, aren’t they? We had a row of them in our yard by the driveway two years in a row – maybe this year again, we’ll see. They really morph into different forms as they age, almost unrecognizably so. A high key filter on the phone, cool. I’ve been using my iPhone for photos mostly when I want a wider angle lens and don’t have one with me but I haven’t experimented with any filters.
        Dogs are good for getting us out so we find things we wouldn’t have otherwise seen. We don’t have one now but I have a great memory of walking a friend’s dog in the evenings during some beautiful planetary happening. I remember the wonder more than the specifics…Wishing wonder to you, too.

  14. Nice images and words.

    • Only had a few mushrooms so they were fun to photograph…I’ve seen others from around the world…they are fascinating to me 🤓☺️have a magical day Alex ~ hugs hedy 🤗☺️💫

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