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According to Buddha

May everyone be happy and safe, and may their hearts be filled with joy… Just as a mother loves and protects her only child at the risk of her own life, we should cultivate boundless love to offer to all living beings in the entire cosmos. Let our boundless love pervade the whole universe, above, below, and across. Whether standing or walking, sitting or lying, as long as we are awake, we should maintain this mindfulness of love in our own heart. This is the noblest way of living.


a day ago harvest moon at UA Research Farm ~ September 2021

  1. Dearest cousin, some fine fotos of autumn Canada ❤ I also emailed you this morning, but check out this lady. Pretty potent message she spreads. Hugs from Scotland. ❤

    • ☺️🥰dearest cousin thanks so much for your response and connection here 🤓🧚‍♀️💚 sending you love and light 🕊and a big hug❣️

  2. I sooo agree Hedy!! Beautiful shots to go with those words from Buddha!
    Happy week xoxo😘💕

  3. Oh nature, dear beauty,
    may I have this dance,
    in my arms all feels right.
    soft touch and sweet odors
    places me in other worlds
    lost again am I.

    A beauty post Hedy!
    It’s almost ‘cool’ here. Rains daily. It will be hot again, hugs, Eddie

    • It was so beautiful Eddie and quiet … coyotes howling in the background … the moon was amazing of course my little black box didn’t do it justice but it was so red orange 🧡❣️May the rains be gentle and soft…we also have a warm day for etown today…🌞🌻hugs and love dear Eddie 🤗🥰❣️🕊

  4. Beautiful photos and I’m overwhelmed by Buddha’s words! 💖🙋‍♂️

    • Good words I remember them from a class years ago read to me by a yoga teacher and I was happy to re-remember them and use them here Ashley 🤓💚🧚‍♀️sending you joy for another good day ~ hugs hedy 🤗🌞

  5. An important and beautiful message, Hedy. ❤️

  6. That opening shot is beautiful 💕

    • It was the light that caught my eye for sure with the lines…it was a beautiful night Alison ☺️🧡thanks so much for your comments i appreciate them 🙏🧚‍♀️💚

  7. Amen. A beautiful post Hedy 🙏

  8. #2 – the HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey???

    • Well I had no idea David 🤓love the connection 🙏 First appearing in the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey, HAL (Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer) is a sentient artificial general intelligence computer that controls the systems of the Discovery One spacecraft and interacts with the ship’s astronaut crew….thanks for your comments always appreciated ~ sending joy and hugs hedy 🤍🕊🤗

  9. Saw the harvest moon here too. Do you realize it is the only object you and I can see at practically the same time? Beyond thousands of miles? (Besides the sun of course, which is not too good to look at)

    • I know right it is true 🌝 it was an amazing walk 👣so quiet❣️been delayed in responding and looking 😳tomorrow I’ll see your Paris post 🤓 Brian … happy weekending ☺️🕊🤍

      • Hope your week-end was fine. (Will hop to your weekly compilation in a while)

        • I do my Sunday Wednesday posts…it’s good for me🤓🙃🙂it’s a rhythm routine which is good for my mind😁

          • You do your posts on the week-end? Good. Normally I don’t have time on week-ends. I try to have a few posts in advance…

          • I just schedule posts for Sunday and Wednesday they live in my hedy head before…I compose them along the way as drafts ☺️🤓 just like I did when I was teaching 😅it’s fun for me. ☺️💫🕊

          • Hmmm. So you write in your head? (I do too. Not so much with images but with words. I write my fiction in my head. Structure, chapters, action, dialogues. When it’s ready I start to write) Very good.

          • All the time…I try my best to write every morning a wee bit 🤓☺️

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