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12th 15-gonal number

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According to Buddha

Although gold dust is precious, when it gets in your eyes, it obstructs your vision.

she grew up in a small town
never put her roots down
daddy always kept movin’
so she did too
well somewhere on a desert highway


a day or so ago in Bruce ~ Beaver County ~ acknowledging Treaty 6 land, AB~ October 2021

  1. Lovely minimalist images that truly tell a story! Color and composition are perfect. Boomer thinks they are cool as well. Hope you are well, Hedy. Greetings. Reinhold

    • Reinhold 🤗and Boomer 🐶hello ❣️and thank you so wonderful to hear from you and yes life is always moving forward…different and change…funny I just had an external drive restored 🤓and i rebooked at fotos of Berlin just the other day…so must have had a Berlin vibe happening…hugs across the pond…hoping you’re doing well too 🤓🤍☺️🕊hugs many!

  2. It’s sad, but old derelict buildings make such good subjects.

    • Yes Timothy did a road trip and for sure spaces and places in alberta are disappearing or will be gone…between Covid and empty places it all felt like a strange film … I could smell the molds by the front door here … but I can daydream and imagine joyous times in summery days along with our harsh winters…endless land…sending joy have a snappy day ~ hugs hedy ☺️🤗💫

  3. Wonderful pics Hedy gold dust and all! 😎

  4. Fine quintet Hedy. I especially love the wonderful top image

    • Humble thank you I did listen to a photo talk the other day…and the first image was seen in my mind as the want the presenter taught us to look and make this kind of composition…he examples were of sea fronts and piers but I live in land locked alberta 🤓😅🌞have a snappy day ~ sending joy hedy 💫

  5. “……and it’s a cryin’ shame!” Not that I’m a golddigger!

    • I know that song from someone Ashley 🤓🧐but not sure who…ive seen some humans here panning for gold on the north Saskatchewan river…sending you joy and lots of gold 🤩 have a fun day ~ hugs hedy

  6. Catch the tears
    Sift that gold
    The world is yours!

  7. Shabby buildings, great art to capture. 🙏🏻♥️

    • Thanks kindly Amber I appreciate your comments and responses ☺️🙏 apologies for delayed response … life is good and full 💙🌬☺️have a joyful day 💫hedy

  8. All strong images, once more, Hedy. 🙂

  9. Another intriguing set Hedy. I love the way you frame things.
    Happy weekend
    Alison 🙏

  10. Photos with soul. The dust of time.

    • Ahhhh yes Alex there is a deep soul in these towns and hamlets in Alberta … I can imagine the Wild West 🤓🌞💓pioneers of the land 🤓smiles and joy 💫

  11. Fine set; Love the last one. See you, Hedy! 🙂

    • See you Harrie ☺️🌞yes the snow geese was a grateful surprise to experience 🐦🐦🐦hundreds simply beautiful🤍have a creative day ~ hugs hedy 🤗💫

  12. Love this old town feeling. (I guess many are blinded by gold) 🏴‍☠️

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