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According to Buddha

All sentient beings are exactly the same in that every one desires happiness and seeks to avoid misery. We are not isolated entities disconnected from each other. The happiness and suffering of other beings affect us. This mutual relation is obvious. Sentient beings have been kind and have benefited us directly and indirectly throughout beginningless time. These beings are intrinsically the same as us in their pursuit of happiness and effort to avoid suffering. Thus, it is essentially logical for us to train in cultivating an impartial attitude wishing for the happiness of all beings.

this is the dawn
this is the moment
stomp your feet on the back on the earth 
so she can breathe


a day ago Bison in Elk Island Park, Beaverhills area acknowledges  Treaty Six lands ~ October 2021

  1. Amazing animals.
    I especially like the last picture. It really shows the strength of the buffalo.

    • Yes Rabirius also how quick the bison can move…many young and healthy ones out yesterday…it was a gift to see them…and listen to them eat 🦬🦬🦬🐃🤍🕊have a creative day ~ hugs hedy 💫

  2. Such magnificent animals. What a thrill it must have been to photograph them, Hedy. Have a good week.

    • Yes Chris a grateful surprise and gift…many bison out enjoying early sun and grasses 🦬🦬🦬☺️I love them🤍🕊happy halloweening have a joyful day ~ hugs hedy

  3. And train we will, dear cousin <3

  4. We are all made of the same stuff: stardust! Wonderful photos and words! 💐🎋🙋‍♂️

  5. That’s a beautiful buffalo. They can be very aggressive.

    • Yes I’ve read this…here there are about 750 bison in Elk Island National Park…and of course there are safety rules…although I’ve never heard about any aggression towards humans 🦬🤓☺️they were so beautiful Timothy 🤓 sending joy hedy 💫

      • I’ve known some really mean buffalo. My dad said he maintained a group of 400 feet radio towers in Kansas when he was in his early twenties. He said the towers were 100 yards apart, and there were buffalo that grazed around the towers. He said he had to run between towers with the buffalos chasing him. Between the multiple 100 yard dashes and climbing the towers, he said he was in really good shape.

        • I can only imagine 😱🦬they move much faster than you may think right…great story Timothy 🤓🙏have a good night and happy bday 🎃🕊

  6. Such valuable sentiments

  7. Beautiful!

  8. If only all the animal abusers around the world would heed your call

    • ahhhhh yes sigh imagine Hetty…we can do better…I did some horse work and that was eye opening 😭☺️🤍🕊sending you joy have a joyful day ~ hedy

  9. Great animals and great b&w’s. Have fun, Hedy 🙂

  10. Beautiful animals and amazing photos.

  11. Oh, Hedy such wonderful beings… you’ve capture their essence!
    Love and Happy November! 🙏💖

  12. I love these! How wonderful to see bison. Exciting!
    Alison 💕

    • Yes it was a glorious morning Alison so many close by to see…so quiet I could hear them eating 🤓☺️👌🦬🖤happy day hugs hedy 💫

  13. Amazing captures!

  14. This is a vision from the past. Must be a unique sensation to see them so close. Thanks for sharing Hedy.

    • Oh yes Brian and it is a quiet moment here seeing them…never seen one just lying down…I love to see them always exciting for sure🦬and there was many so even better! Thanks for your comments always appreciated 🙏🦬💛hugs hedy

  15. I couldn’t agree more.
    On a similar note, you might like my new blog post, a short, satiric piece called “Exposed! The Secret Life of Dairy Cows.” If interested, you can find it on my website at

    • Thanks kindly for sharing your work Bob will take a closer look happy writing ~ compose a beautiful day ☺️🌞🙏smiles hedy 💫

  16. Wonderful images Miss Hedy .. he looks like such a beauty 🙂💫

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