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10000001100 binary number

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According to Buddha

If you want to understand suffering you must look into the situation at hand. The teachings say that wherever a problem arises it must be settled right there.

We don’t meditate to see heaven, but to end suffering.


Indigenous Studies ~ Royal Alberta Museum Etown ~ Amiskwaciwâskahikan ᐊᒥᐢᑲᐧᒋᐋᐧᐢᑲᐦᐃᑲᐣ ~ November 2021

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  2. Beautiful Hedy and we all suffer at times to know peace. 🌺🥀🌸

    • Thanks kindly Cindy🙏💛🌞yes according to the Buddhist readings three kinds…probably more who know🤷‍♀️Dukkha-dukkha – the suffering of suffering. This refers to the physical and emotional discomfort and pain all humans experience in their lives.
      Viparinama-dukkha – the suffering of change. …
      Sankhara-dukkha – the suffering of existence.

  3. How can we know true happiness if we feel no pain? Without the mud, the lotus will not grow or flower.
    Your photographs are beautiful and they make me ask questions! The last reminds me of the windings/servings of strings for bows, something I used to make, a long time ago!

    • ☺️🤷‍♀️I don’t know…how much is enough I’ve always got questions Ashley🙇‍♀️I’m always curious…unlike mud sometimes I remember a lot of fun teaching and playing with clay…playing is fun…I imagine you had fun with your bows☺️🤗🕊hugs hedy 💫

  4. Superb photos to go along with these famous Buddha’s teachings!

    • ☺️🙏the Buddhas have lots to say 🤓I learn something new each day Hien👌thanks kindly for your comments sending you joy ☺️💫🤗🕊

  5. These are beautiful Hedy. It’s amazing to see what people can create from natural materials.

    • Yes for sure Chris…the little things that have big results🤓☺️and thanks kindly for saying…have a joyful week and fun with your camera 📷👣☺️hugs hedy🤗💫

  6. I really like all the fine details.

    • I was happy to be inside the museum again…I also love the little things…the details…have a joyful day Rabirius ~ hugs hedy ☺️🕊🤗🤍

  7. Love these captures Hedy. I feel the connection 💛

  8. Nice abstractions.

  9. It’s difficult to move along if your stuck in one place.
    Great photos Hedy!

  10. Great photos! We can feel the texture… and have some kind of peace.

    • Thanks kindly Alex and yes I also loved the textures and the feelings of warmth they created for me 🤓🌞🙏have a happy day ~ hugs hedy 🤗💛

  11. Beautiful, soothing earth tones. Really fine images.

    • Humble thank you Neil ☺️🙏I felt that way too…I did make the feathers in b/w for my homework assignment…sending happiness for your thanksgiving day 🤍🕊hugs hedy 🤗

  12. A peaceful post that also offers a quiet strength, in both the lessons and images. Thank you, Hedy.

  13. I like this line a lot: “wherever a problem arises it must be settled right there.” We can’t let things fester and get worse over time.

    • I try my best in my own life to be this way…but of course some reflection is necessary but imagine not letting problems linger…sending you hugs and all good things from the north Hetty ☺️🤍🕊hugs hedy 🤗

  14. ♥️🙏🏻

  15. These are beautiful, especially the first. Had me taking a long look.

    • I do like the RAM and lingering in the collections…as I’m sure you’ve seen😉🤓and I’m a feather lover as well Alison ~ always appreciate your comments and kindness big hugs and love over the border ☺️🤍🕊

  16. Thank you for your art and your words. Just been “up North”. Just NY. Felt like I was freezing. 🤣 I am out of condition indeed. Wonder how you guys manage, up up north. 🙏🏻🌹

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