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Builder bear scp number

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According to Buddha

Be as careful as you can. Our minds are funny. Sometimes we are skeptical of things that are really worthwhile and completely accepting of things that we should avoid. Try to avoid extremes and follow the middle way, checking with wisdom wherever you go.

we’re on a road to nowhere
come on inside
takin’ that ride to nowhere
we’ll take that ride


a night or so ago -35 at the Esso Gas station in Gunn, Alberta ~ December 2021

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  2. 🥶🥶🥶

  3. Oh boy! Too cold for me, so, will stay inside where it is warm, and where my heart beats with a joy not known before. Bless you, dear Hedy; I reach out across the miles, and pray that you are safe and well, that your new year will be happy and wide-eyed 🌹💌🙋‍♂️

    • We had a mild day but yes it’s snappy and fresh -39 today 😅 I’m always ok, mostly Ashley…and yes I’m so happy 2021 is gone…I’ll staying strong and busy ☺️👣🦫it’s alberta ~ big hugs over the pond always appreciate your kind words ~ hugs hedy 🤗

  4. Great shots, very Hopper-esque! 😉

  5. You convey well how cold and desolate it is.

    • True it’s on the road to no where but of course many little towns along the way and it has been harsh weather for a few weeks now but hey that’s alberta so we stay cozy inside and go for quick run👣👣👣happy new day to you Chris ~ hugs hedy 🤗✨🕊

  6. Stay warm dear friend, stay warm

    • It’s been a bit of a deep freeze through these past weeks❄️❄️🥶🤍-39 today whoosh bit too fresh for me and my camera👣❄️hugs hedy

      • Skin starts to feel funny at those temps, especially skin on metal or anything for that matter! Burrrr!
        Coldest temps I ever experienced while living in Quebec, -50, no more of that please

  7. 😲😬😆

  8. Truth here Hedy!
    Here’s to a wonderful New Year with observant minds!❤️🥳

  9. Thank you for sharing more wisdom. 🙏🏻 You have such a talent for capturing the tone of your scenes, through photos.

  10. Hopper-like

  11. Interesting lights in the night. Nice shots.

    • Thanks kindly Alex it was very fresh so I moved quickly ❄️❄️🥶👣sending joy and all good things for you and your loved ones💫✨hedy

  12. Did you notice the rhythm in “chécking with wísdom wheréver you gó”?

  13. Oh it breathes cold! so evocative… Happy new year, Hedy

    • Happy new year Penny so glad to move into 2022…hoping to get out to the coast more this year🤓💫enjoy your walks sending joy ~ hugs hedy🤗

  14. I love these – you’ve so captured that eerie night-time lonely cold. Beautiful.
    And the quote was a perfect reminder for me.
    Happy New Year Hedy. May it bring all you could wish for.
    Alison 💕

    • ☺️🙏thanks so much dear Alison and I trust you and don enjoyed your time✨🤍💫it’s been a harsh snap next week looks promising for more outside time…it’s brutal here today🥶😅alberta🤸‍♀️sigh.

  15. Beautiful night studies, Hedy. So atmospheric. It’s interesting that there are still Esso stations around. 🙂

    • we have many Esso stations here in Alberta actually Lynn…I did a *gas station* project wit James Maher in the fall so I seem to look for more now…this one had some humans and brutal cold 🥶it also has an Alaska Highway sign…it’s not too far away from etown…I think going in the summer could be fun…busy community…thanks for your kindness ☺️🙏heartfelt ~ hugs hedy 🤗🕊

  16. On the “road to nowhere” on a cold night, no thank you. It’s the kind of moment where you heed “checking with wisdom wherever you go.” 🙂

    • Yes wisdom matters in these freezing temperatures David…I’m grateful for forced air 🤓☺️🕊sending you joy 💫 I appreciate your thoughts ~ hugs hedy🤗

  17. Great shots. I can just imagine the endless nights… But the light will now grow every day. On our middle road to nowhere… 🙏🏻

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