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21st Centered pentagonal number

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According to Buddha

Do not accept any of my words on faith,
Believing them just because I said them.
Be like an analyst buying gold, who cuts, burns, 
And critically examines her product for authenticity.
Only accept what passes the test 
By proving useful and beneficial in your life

you say your heart is like a library book
to love is to trust he’ll bring it back
if i go and take it home for good
would you be okay with that?
would you be okay with that?


a week ago Calgary Public Library, ~ Calgary, otôskwanihk (ᐅᑑᐢᑿᓂᕽ) ~ January 2022

  1. A beautiful building captured in beautiful photos.

    • I agree Neil it’s a beautiful library in Calgary…there was a lot of private monies to make it happen…each time I visit I go to see it…the warm woods and light do make it special ~ sending you joy for your Sunday ~ hugs hedy☺️🤗✨

  2. It’s a beautiful indeed, but I don’t know about that weather as seen through your photos. Probably way too cold for people like me. It’s 5°F (-15°C) outside, and I would rather not go out.

    • It’s the north Hien and we do have harsh winters but we always do…temperatures fluctuate from +5 to -40 which is what makes us all a tad 😵‍💫 I love snow and say -10 then it’s still fun…we do spend time inside but with a mutt I tend to get out as much a possible…by April I’ll be tired of it all, sigh☺️🤓🌞thanks for commenting always appreciated ~ sending joy☺️🕊✨hedy

      • I have a Golden Retriever, and my wife and I alternatively take her out for a daily walk. The dog does not mind the weather at all and will go out no matter how cold it is!

  3. Love this message from the Buddha. Thanking you for showing us the light, Hedy 💕

  4. Such nice geometric and architectural shots, Hedy. Have a great week. Stay warm.

    • Thank you kindly Chris it’s a really enjoyable space…have a productive week too…we’re having every kind of weather today rain, sleet, ice, snow…it’s bizarre 😵‍💫🎶🎶🎶hugs hedy🤗

  5. A perfect five.

  6. Nice building and photos. A library is always like a home.

    • I remember the University Library and how I loved the feeling of home…I agree Alex these spaces can/do feel like home ~ sending hugs and love over the pond ~ hedy ☺️🤗🤍🕊

  7. I really want to get to that library……….thanks for sharing. Hope Photo Friday was great at the gallery …………. someday………………… m

    • you’d love the space and light…it’s a ‘cozier’ feeling to me than the Stanley Milner here in Etown…but there was a lot of private monies in this one…I missed foto friday but I went yesterday also a lovely show Mufty…it is still showing worth the look/see…Sunday 1-7pm…stay safe ❄️😵‍💫now rain 🌧 ☔️ ~ hugs and love hedy

  8. Lovely Buddha, great images, libraries are important Hedy

    • Thank you kindly Lynne☺️🙏🤍appreciate your comments here on my sloppy blog☺️🙏compose a beautiful day ~ hugs hedy 🤗

  9. I would love to explore the second photo!

  10. Exquisite photos Hedy. I love all of them. You’ve captured the architecture and the light in a most intriguing and appealing way. Beauty! 👏👏
    Alison xo 💕💐

  11. How lucky you have this architectural gem near you, Hedy. You made some terrific images. I can’t quite wrap my mind around the third… are they clouds? I also loved your opening words. 🙂

    • Thank you kindly Jane 🤓🙏it’s in Calgary so a good 3 hours away…of course we have many libraries here in Etown as well but this one is wood and warm…that’s snow on top the glass I also caught me eye 🤓 thanks again for your response ~ hugs hedy 🤗🤍🕊

  12. What an excellent criterion!

  13. Wonderful words to live by Hedy and pictures to ooooh and ahhh at. LOVE them! 💖💖💖👏👏👏👏

  14. Beautifully done, Hedy, it must have been a nice library visit on a cold, cold day. 🙂 I see it’s in Calgary – looked up the distance from E’town – over 3 hours! A long drive but I bet it’s a beautiful one.

    • I know that road well Lynn…it is cold and harsh weather in Alberta…I do imagine places milder and softer these days Moree than before 🤓❄️😵‍💫☺️🤍🕊hugs hedy

      • I can understand that…tropical dreams…even sub-tropical! Hopefully travel possibilities will open up soon. Be with the beauty…

  15. So “words” are gold and should be tested? Good thought. Dankje wel.

  16. It has to be the nicest public library I’ve seen. Our local public library, building wise, is meh. It has the smallest parking lot ever. What’s worst is all the spaces are metered.

    • Yes ours here in etown is meh as well I remember the one in north Amsterdam it was also amazing…libraries are so important right David 🤓☺️sending you joy hedy🕊

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