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The Taking of Hill by Dibble number

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According to Buddha

Know all things to be like this: As an echo that derives from music, sounds, and weeping, Yet in that echo is no melody.

i was born here and i’ll die here against my will
i know it looks like i’m movin’ but i’m standin’ still
every nerve in my body is so naked and numb
i can’t even remember what it was i came here to get away from
don’t even hear the murmur of a prayer
it’s not dark yet but it’s gettin’ there


a week ago Calgary Tower ~  Calgaryotôskwanihk (ᐅᑑᐢᑿᓂᕽ) ~ January 2022

  1. I feel this.

  2. ‘Big’ cities grab you.
    They always have some part of you.
    Even if you are not there.
    Great photos Hedy! Wow
    it was ‘cold’ here this morning (south Florida)
    hugs dear heart, Eddie

    • Hugs received Eddie🙏🤗🤗and yes I agree…a girlhood part for me…and we have all kinds of weather😵‍💫I need air today ready to pick up and go outside ❄️🌞🐶sending you joy and thank you always for your teachings Eddie 🤓🙏🕊hedy☺️

  3. Forty+ years later, I still remember what it is like living in a city like Hong Kong. I’m glad I know need to do any business in downtown Los Angels. Great photos of the Calgary Tower, Hedy!

    • Thank you kindly Miriam and my visit to Hong Kong was so very eye opening years back…I enjoy both spaces…in doses where I can create a balance…I always enjoy the views from the Tower…lots of girlhood memories ~ sending you joy ~ hugs hedy 🤗☺️🕊

      • I haven’t gone back to visit family in Hong Kong since Covid started, Hedy. I have great memories of my girlhood there also. The night activities were crazy in a good way for me, not partying or dancing, but doing things until 11:00 p.m. and went to bed at midnight was normal. 🙂

  4. These look like futuristic dreamscapes! Amazing photos

  5. What cool cold views Hedy ❄️🙏🏼❄️

  6. Great photos. Nice skyline.

  7. Beautiful icy blue light. Brrrrr

  8. Wonderful captures Hedy! ❤️

  9. Very cool shots of some pretty wild buildings. They are huffing and puffing to keep warm! The third photo of the landscape dotted with plumes of vapor is very cool in an eerie sort of way. There are echoes of Yellowstone there, and the geysers and hot springs in winter… but it’s also a bit like an alien landscape… Intriguing… Best wishes for a lovely week, Hedy!

    • Ahhhh yes it’s cowtown the Wild West😉it is a bit alien indeed Michael 😅 I do live in a province of endless land…thanks for your thoughts always appreciated 🙏🤍🕊hugs hedy💫

  10. I did Calgary for a mid-winter business trip. Not the best of ideas. 🙄🙄🙄

    • Well you know it David it can be harsh or a chinook blows in…it was a bitterly cold weekend when I was there ❄️😰☺️sending joy hedy ✨

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