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Human Origin Of Morals: Blue Book number

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According to Buddha

Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor. 

riders on the storm 
riders on the storm 
into this house, we’re born 
into this world, we’re thrown 
like a dog without a bone 
an actor out on loan
riders on the storm


a bird walk a day or so ago, 40 acres sits on Tsawwassen First Nation and Musqueam land ~ Ladner, BC ~ February 2022

  1. Amazing images. The power of the nature.

  2. Great photos and Doors lyrics! Wonderful pairing.

  3. Beautiful photos. Hi, Hedy. Have an excellent day!

  4. Thank goodness for fresh air!
    Let’s keep it that way!
    Great photos, post, you! hugs, Eddie

  5. Beautiful photos with ravens riding on the storm.

  6. The sky in that first shot is beautiful.

  7. gorgeous your words and pics dear Hedy! 💖

  8. With The Doors playing in my head I imagine the birds getting stirred up with the on-coming storm. Good fit with this set!

  9. great words and photographs!!!

  10. Always loved Riders in the Storm, my favourite. Windy days for you too as in UK. Peace and sunshine here in Spain!

    • Yes we did have some winds here…not so much but ahhhhh yes Spain sunshine and warmth 🌞☺️enjoy every moment ~ sending joy hedy🕊💫

  11. Blackbirds and eagles and clouds…spaces to dream in. 🙂

  12. Riders on the storm … a winter storm is coming. Snow, but mostly bitter cold.

    • It looked more ominous than it was actually David…the west coast is much milder than etown for sure…still very fresh here in etown ❄️☺️❄️smiles hedy🕊

  13. Riders on the storm… One of the greatest songs… 😉
    (Need to do more conscious “singing”.) I used to do that in my car in long commutes, last century. Soothed my nerves…) 🤗💕

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