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Battle of Hastings year

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According to Buddha

If you have never taken 
The principles of the teachings to heart, 
You have no basis 
For awakening to the hidden path. 

so, i’m at your house this morning
just a little after nine
’cause, it was in bobcaygeon
where i saw the constellations reveal themselves
one star at a time


a week or so ago a wee chat about gasoline ~ Andrew, Alberta ~  which lies on Treaty Six land ~ March 2022

  1. wise words Hedy and great pics.. happy Wednesday! 💖

    • Oh those Buddha’s have lots to say right Cindy🤓😅I do enjoy reading their works these are from Kuei-shan Ling-yu and I needed some tragically hip ☺️🙏🤍🕊happy day to you💫hugs hedy

  2. Old and cold in the snow. Fantastic photos.

  3. Right now, I’d be happy with a day in the snow.
    It would be exciting! (80 degrees not even 10am)
    But I guess long pants would be in order.
    Cold with high winds are expected, I’ll be patient.
    stay warm Hedy, hugs, Eddie

  4. I love this series, Hedy! Wonderful. Those small and always kind of lonely gas stations. We used to have them but they are almost all gone, eaten by the big companies.

    • Yes I do as well Peter and some how it seems out of no where there is a human who always enjoys a chat ☺️🤓we chatted about the price of gas and how the old pump had been vandalized 🥴humans😪but it was a fun road trip here in the endless land🚗👀hugs over the pond 🤗🕊hedy

  5. Fine set, Hedy. Bit nostalgic in the quiet snow. Not so sure about ‘The principles of the teachings’.. because I think every single one of us has to find her/his own path; which most of the time is hidden enough.. by teachings.. 🙂 Have a great day! 🙂

  6. Nicely done, Hedy. I like the way the second photo shows the leaning gas pump and the fact that you included your shadow in the third. Lush colors!

  7. Bobcaygeon! Once upon a time I attended the fall fair in Bobcaygeon, and saw, not stars whirling in the sky, but tractors heaving through the dirt in the tractor pull contest. I think I understand astronomy better than I understand tractor pulls…

  8. Oh this looks bleak 😢

  9. Haven’t seen these kind of pumps for a long time. When the price went above $1.00, way back when, most stations didn’t know to set the price. These type of pumps could only go as high as 99.9 cents per gallon.

  10. Great series. Fantastic photos.

  11. Nick’s service shop should be classified as a historic monument…
    (People used petrol then?)

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