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Flint’s ‘Year of Survival’

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According to Buddha

Ego is the problem. Sometimes ego is very spoiled, like a child who is constantly throwing tantrums. Sometimes ego doesn’t accept where we are. Sometimes ego doesn’t accept who we are. Sometimes ego doesn’t accept the way things are without any real complaint. So what do we do? There is nothing that we can do. Sometimes ego doesn’t accept the fact that the sky is blue but there is nothing that we can do. You see. Sometimes ego doesn’t accept that we are living on a planet that is permeated with natural disasters, earthquakes, floods, and other catastrophes. All we can do is accept that and learn how to surrender to the flow of all events.


reflections on a fall on ice ~ a day or so ago ~  Etown – Amiskwaciwâskahikan ᐊᒥᐢᑲᐧᒋᐋᐧᐢᑲᐦᐃᑲᐣ  ~ March 2022

  1. I accept and surrender to the flow of all things. True, ego is a very case

    • its hard work for me Kevin…and every so often the universe gives me a swat to remind me 🤓compose a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy☺️💫

  2. No self no problem?

    • No thought, no problem…I wish🤓☺️have a good one Mike💫

      • I read all three of Anam Thubten’s books but No Self No Problem is easily the best. Easier said than done of course!

        • I’ve read much but also see a stack of untouched books🤓☺️and yes it easier said than done…for sure Mike but good to say 🤓 I try my best but I forget😅☺️🕊

  3. White snow and an even whiter feather. Beautiful shot!

    • well the snow continues here❄️winters are harsh here…I’m so done…my yearning for warmth and green is strong now🤍thanks kindly Hien for your comments always appreciated ~ hedy 🙏

  4. Wise words and fabulous pics! Thank you dear Hedy.

  5. Many people believe they are gods. Ego is not big enough for them. Beautiful photos.

  6. Ego needs taming. It can run wide if we let it.
    Too much chocolate for one thing!
    have a sweet day dear heart, hugs, Eddie

  7. Beautiful white.

  8. I love the smile in the sky and beautiful pictures and wise words Hedy. xo 💖💖🌻

  9. Faces in the sky and the tree watching the feather laying itself gently down. It’s a bliss for mankind that I didn’t become a poet, but the images and series are/is wonderful Hedy!

    • humble thank you Peter all done with one hand🙂☺️fun to play with iPad as well…sending you joy and happy writing you can do it Peter🤓hugs hedy🤗

  10. You captured the furthest and the nearest, Hedy! Beautiful! 🙂 🙂

  11. Your Buddha quote is perfect! Oh and the images are lovely too. Is that a smiling face I see in the sky 😂
    Alison 🥰

    • 🙏thanks so much Alison it’s a left handed post🤓clouds are joyful…I can see things too😉big hugs enjoy the pink 🌸we have snow❄️sigh. hugs hedy 💞

  12. Wonderful series of photos ~ a feeling of taking a deep breath during a year when it feels as if at all times the ego does not accept 🙂 Take care, Hedy, and wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  13. Interesting reflections around the center, Hedy…I like them. Made me look more closely. 🧐. Hope nothing is broken or sprained too badly. Take care; spring is coming…I think.

    • I used my iPad and edits in Ps…fun for me…yes I also was seeing things…yup I bit it…with my spikes and shoelaces on ice…🤬but no broken bones, phew🤓 just disappointed soft tissue injury takes time…patience is a virtue right😅happy Sunday Mic ~ hugs hedy

  14. Bad joke: Cogito ego sum?
    Ego is definitely a major problem… See the war in Ukraine (amongst other things)
    I see there still is a lot of snow.
    Does Snow have an ego? That would explain a lot of things… 😉

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