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Battle of Manzikert year

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According to Buddha

The successive existences in a series of rebirths are not like the pearls in a pearl necklace, held together by a string, the ‘soul,’ which passes through all the pearls; rather they are like dice piled one on top of the other. Each die is separate, but it supports the one above it, with which it is functionally connected. Between the dice there is no identity, but conditionality.

people of today remember painted stories
with a kinscape that reflected all living time
and i often wondered what had happened
to those other ones who found themselves denied
 how did you deal with no appeal?
 just an open window


a day ago Kâhasinîskâk Pedestrian Bridge ~  Etown – Amiskwaciwâskahikan ᐊᒥᐢᑲᐧᒋᐋᐧᐢᑲᐦᐃᑲᐣ  ~ March 2022

  1. That’s quite the bridge. I like the designs on the underside. I’ve never seen anything like that. Have a great week, Hedy.

    • it’s a new pedestrian bridge Chris…opened a short while ago…a suspension bridge so the roof of it has art stories on it…lots of information…has a TRC feeling to it for me…so I learn along the way🤓

      The replacement foot footbridge, named ᑳᐦᐊᓯᓃᐢᑳᐠ or Kâhasinîskâk, and pronounced kâ-(h)a-si-nî-skâk, is an historical Cree reference to Mill Creek. It translates as “slow moving water over stones” in English, and connects visibly to the fact that the City of Edmonton sits on Treaty 6 territory.

      have a joyful week Chris ~ hugs hedy🤗🌸

  2. Interesting painted stories.

    • indeed Alex…will need to research them out further…lovely foot footbridge…layers of meaning…sending joy over the pond 💞🌸🕊hedy

  3. Presented thoughts of a curious nature with very interesting photos.
    Have a beautiful day Hedy. hugs, Eddie

    • the words from Sogyal Rinpoche…and yes i thought about the quality of being dependent on certain specified conditions…it’s a new foot bridge…I felt many metaphors walking about…I’m having a quiet day dear Eddie…the sun is peeking out melting more snow🌱dreaming 💚🌸thanks your your comments always appreciated🤓🙏smiles and joy🤗🕊

  4. Interesting to have mural on the bottom of the bridge.

    • it’s like a roof…a suspension foot bridge…new and I think pretty cool too😎and lots of layers…thanks kindly Timothy for your comments always appreciated ~ hugs hedy 🤗🕊

  5. Love bridge structure photos–have taken quite a few over the years–these are amazing!

    • Thanks kindly Miss Paker🙏☺️it’s a lovely new foot bridge…first time I’ve seen it…will return 👣👣👣sending joy hedy🕊💫

  6. Wow Hedy! love your words and pictures so gorgeous. 💖💖👏🙏

  7. Another great passage with perfect support with your photography. I enjoyed the Buddhist description “…Between the dice there is no identity, but conditionality.” One of the best I’ve read. Enjoy the week ahead, Hedy. Take care ~

    • Thanks kindly Randall l also had a ponder about the dice and pearls…and conditionality…the days feel warmer 🌱☀️🌨it’s a busy week hoping all is well with you🤓thanks for your comments always appreciated ~ hugs hedy🕊

  8. I like this line of pearls supporting each other

  9. Looks like it’s thawing? yeah!
    Conditionality? What would the Buddha mean by that?
    Om mani…

    • 🕊🤍🕊

      Idappaccayatā (Pali, also idappaccayata; Sanskrit: idaṃpratyayatā) is a Buddhist term that is translated as “specific conditionality” or “this/that conditionality”. It refers to the principle of causality: that all things arise and exist due to certain causes (or conditions), and cease once these causes (or conditions) are removed. This principle is expressed in the following simple formula that is repeated hundreds of times in the Buddhist discourses…

      Something to chew on🤓😅hugs hedy🤗

      • Conditionality… Local saying goes: “Things always happen for a reason.” I sometimes doubt that there is a reason. Rationality doesn’t explain everything. There is probably more chaos than reason. But. But. There are causes. Agreed.
        ” the following simple formula “? Are you referring to Om mani padme om? If I got it right it means the jewel in the lotus. Or is it another formula?

  10. Interesting images of design and architecture, Hedy. 🙂

    • Thank you Jane for your comment 🙏☺️ it’s a lovely new footbridge layers of symbolic meanings ~ sending joy hedy☀️💫

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