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Number of puzzles in the ‘Biggest Word’ book

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According to Buddha

The very entity of the mind, its nature of mere luminosity and knowing, is not polluted by defilements; they do not abide in the entity of the mind. Even when we generate afflictive emotions, the very entity or nature of the mind is still mere luminosity and knowing, and because of this we are able to remove the afflictive emotions. If you agitate the water in a pond, it becomes cloudy with mud; yet the very nature of the water itself is not dirty. When you allow it to become still again, the mud will settle leaving the water pure.

you, soft and only
you, lost and lonely
you, strange as angels
dancing in the deepest oceans
twisting in the water
you’re just like a dream
you’re just like a dream


a day ago water + gerber in a sunbeam in Etown – Amiskwaciwâskahikan ᐊᒥᐢᑲᐧᒋᐋᐧᐢᑲᐦᐃᑲᐣ  ~ March 2022

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  2. Wonderful photos and lyrics from the Cure. Great combination!

  3. Brings stillness and light to us all when there is so much affliction.

  4. Awesome shots! Monochrome is perfect for them.

  5. Gorgeous images Hedy, they look so beautiful in monochrome 💜

  6. and biggest brightest flower amazing in monochrome! 💖

  7. Sublime images, my dearest Hedy! 🙏🌟

  8. Pure Cure.. Great shots! 🙂

  9. Still waiting,
    hugs, Eddie

  10. These images feel so intimate somehow, like knowing the true nature of the flower that we walk past every day but did not look closely at before.

    • 🙏☺️thank you Hetty and the water bubbles makes it feel lacey…flora has amazing details when I look close…a whole other world ~ have a joyful weekend ~ hugs hedy ☺️🤗❤️

  11. Sooooo gorgeous! 💕💕💕
    Alison xo 🤗

  12. Intriguing and gorgeous images, Hedy. Lovely in monochrome. 🙂

    • They felt different in monochrome for sure…always fun flora and water…thanks kindly Jane for saying appreciated ~ sending joy have a wonderful weekend ~ hedy☀️💃

  13. Beautiful, words and images. Thank you.

  14. Fantastic flowers. Great shots.

  15. excellent words
    extraordinary photos.

    • Hello Gavin☺️🤓🙋‍♀️so wonderful to hear from you hoping all is well…thanks for stopping by big hugs hedy🤍🕊🤗🤸

  16. Hello Miss Hedy … these are just divine flowers my friend. Thanks for sharing the beauty ❤️

    • Humble thank you Julie always appreciate your kind words🌸🤍🌸hoping you and your loved ones are all well🌬🕊hugs hedy

  17. You always give me food for thought. Visually and mentally.
    Let’s hope the world mud settles quickly.

    • It is unbelievable…where is the UN…how has this war continued so long…it’s heartbreaking🙏🤍🕊sending peace and love hedy

      • When the president of a nation at war tells the UN: “Kick them out or dissolve” I think we are beginning to see the premises of a new world. Better hopefully. (Dissolve the UN? Why not? After all the Société des Nations was dissolved and replaced by the UN after the war…)
        Peace and love back. 💕

        • I had my hedy head blurt this week about the UN I don’t know anymore Brian…following foto journalists is heavy hearted…so I imagine a different world, imagine🤍🕊hugs hedy

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