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Kusters number of blue skies

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According to Buddha

I, the snow lioness who stays in snowy solitudes, Have milk which is like the essential nectar. In the absence of golden cups, I would not pour it in an ordinary vessel.

then without a warning
another winter storm comes raging through
and the mercury’s fallin’
i’m left all alone
just like spring time in alberta
chills me to the bone


yesterday in the woods Terwillegar Park, ~ Etown – Amiskwaciwâskahikan ᐊᒥᐢᑲᐧᒋᐋᐧᐢᑲᐦᐃᑲᐣ ~ April 2022

  1. Lovely snowy scenes.

    • Thanks Timothy it’s from where I stand…today is sunny☀️🌦🙃just look up and that’s alberta🤓🤸‍♀️all kinds of weather😅have a snappy day ~ hugs hedy

  2. love these Hedy but glad it’s looking a big warm here today. xo 💖

  3. Don’t want to say how ‘cold’ it was here this morning.
    There was a definite difference. Burr!
    The only snow was in your photos, however.
    Nice photos too, Hedy

    • thank you dear Eddie…it’s Alberta and no I’m weary of the winter even though it’s pretty…especially when the sun comes out to melt it☀️💃🏼just tiny bit of ice hiding in those woods, phew. I’m ready for green and growth🌱hugs for a happy summery day hedy

  4. Alberta Springtime! Beautiful snowfall, Hedy, but wishing you warmth and flowers…

    • received some Mic and it’s letting up☀️sigh…it is the north really no surprise just looooong and very fresh…ready for warmth🌤sending joy hedy

  5. If this is spring, I wonder what your winter would be like! Keep warm and happy, Hedy!

    • it’s fresh Hien❄️and media is a reminder of how looooooooooong it goes on here🤓it is melting only a few snow spots left💃🏼sending joy hedy

  6. Special photos to pour over and drink in the silver nectar 🙋‍♂️

  7. Lovely

  8. Oh I’m so glad we don’t have that here. But it has been colder than usual 😢
    Alison 🥰🙏

    • who knows here too…also I’m aware of not going to ‘see’ other places…winter is harsh here in the north…I’m no pioneer that’s for sure😉hugs hedy ☀️

  9. Nice words. Lovely snow.

  10. Chillingly beautiful Hedy 🙏

  11. Beautiful landscapes after a winter storm.

  12. These look like the routes to Narnia. So intriguing, especially the first two… Pathways that end in the imaginal!

  13. Snowy trails.

    For some reason, WP is not allowing me to *like* posts today. Comments okay. It’s the oddity of the day.

    • I have that as well or with comments…who knows🤔

      and yes snow…long winter…fresh spring❄️🌬☀️Alberta all kinds of weather 🤣hugs hedy

  14. Oops. Still a lot of snow. And we’re almost in May… (Let the sunshine in)
    Happy week-end Hedy. 💕🤗

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