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Donnelly’s Prisoner number book

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According to Buddha

The light of the sun is the manifestation of the clarity of the sky; and the sky is the basic condition necessary for the manifestation of the sun’s light. So, too, in the sky two, three, four, or any number of suns could arise; but the sky always remains indivisibly one sky. Similarly, every individual’s state of presence is unique and distinct, but the void nature of the individual is universal, and common to all beings.

just take it slow
the sun will show you where to go
trust your heart can help you see
i have seen the light, it settled me
just take it slow


a walk on Whyte Ave a day or so ago + human who did not agree to be photographed ~ Etown – Amiskwaciwâskahikan ᐊᒥᐢᑲᐧᒋᐋᐧᐢᑲᐦᐃᑲᐣ ~ April 2022

  1. What is the sound of one sun exploding? 🤯

  2. beautiful

  3. wow stunning beauty in your pictures Hedy!

  4. I love the way you combine colours and shapes in your series, Hedy. The wam brown-orange and the cool blue-greens, the rectangles from the windows and the shadow stripes behind the person that didn’t want to be photographed. Wonderful!

    • I do try with intention to make my little narratives have a similar colour palette…and yes the homeless human was not talking…hard stories to show and tell a sad part of our urban landscape…we need more political will here Peter🤓😩I’m glad you enjoyed my post🙏💃joy over the pond💫hugs hedy

  5. Love 😎

  6. An exceptional mind,
    hugs dear heart, Eddie

  7. the curtains are so sensuous

    • They are part of a store that was closed they a lush and velvety I agree Gavin🤓☀️sending you joy hugs hedy 💫

  8. Beautiful photos.

  9. Was that a self-portrait in a window sill?
    (Sun is back, Yeah!)
    And yes, though one can find patterns to re-groups individuals, each one is a unique combination…
    Tot ziens Hedy.

    • Of course the sun returns slowly it seems this spring ☀️💃🌷yup that’s me in the window…it’s inspired by Friedlander…tot ziens Brian sending joy from White Rock … daughter and family went to Mexico ☺️I’m minding their 3 mutts😂💃

      • I didn’t know Friedlander. At all. Thanks for the tip. I can understand the influence. Will study him more…
        Gone to Mexico? Great. To the coast I imagine? Now you have plenty of mutts… 🐶

        • learning more about street with James Maher and a group of humans…I have homework…that’s always good😳😅hugs hedy

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