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32.939338184001 squared

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According to Buddha

Know all things to be like this:
A mirage, a cloud castle,
A dream, an apparition,
Without essence, but with qualities that can be seen.

on a clear day,
rise and look around you,
and you’ll see who you are.
you can hear from far and near
a world you’ve never heard before.


a day ago at  Crescent Beach, territory of the Semiahmoo First Nation ~ Surrey BC ~ May 2022

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  2. 🙏

  3. Buddha says it just right: wonderfilled! Accompanied by the voice of Tony Bennett and your pictures these things are special! Have a joy-filled Sunday! 😊🙏🙋‍♂️

  4. beautiful, beautiful, see and enjoy it all

  5. Surrounded by love,
    we only find more love.
    It is a lovely Sunday Hedy, hugs, Eddie

  6. Dreamy photos Hedy!! 💖💖

  7. Wonderful images, Hedy. I hope all is well with you.

    • Thank you Chris yes all well looking after 3 dogs is a lot but all fine…it’s nice to be away…hoping your days are treating you well…I’ll get back to checking blogs through the week here and MilfordStreet☺️🙏☀️hugs hedy🌷

  8. the first and the last are my faves.

    • These are images from a set of stairs…they are now reopened after Covid…and I clearly need more stairs 😂😰🤭thanks for saying Gavin sending hugs hedy

  9. Life is a mirage…
    (Nice cloud by the way)
    Did I ever mention “What is life?” by Calderón de la Barca?
    (Sometimes i worry that I might repeat myself)

    • Yes I love full hanging clouds on the coast here ☀️☁️repetition is good Brian at least for me I’ll check it out, I’ve got so many books to read not sure I’ll ever get to them all🤓😅hugs hedy

      • I don’t worry about whether I will read all. It’s all right.
        So here’s Calderon de la Barca:
        ¿Qué es la vida? Un frenesí.
        ¿Qué es la vida? Una ilusión,
        Una sombra una ficción.
        Y el mayor bien es pequeño,
        Que la vida es sueño,
        Y los sueños sueños son.
        > What is Life? A frenzy.
        What is life? An illusion,
        A shadow, a fiction.
        And the greatest good is small,
        Because all life is a dream,
        And dreams are but dreams…
        (A likeness to Shakespeare’s Tomorrow and tomorrow…)

  10. Nice shots.

  11. That quote and others like it have always been favorites of mine…and I love this series. You’re really seeing the beauty here, wherever and whenever. The first two by themselves are a perfect pair. 🙂

    • I make sense of my lives experiences…beauty is everywhere and I don’t need to leave but of course new spaces and terrain is exciting…always appreciate your thoughtfulness and selections Lynn🤓🙏hugs hedy

      • I like that…you don’t need to leave because beauty is everywhere – but new spaces are exciting. True! take care and have a good week!

  12. Wonderful images Miss Hedy .. ! 🤩

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