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According to Buddha

With a boundless mind, one could cherish all living beings, radiating friendliness over the entire world, above, below, and all around without limit.

when i was young, younger than before
i never saw the truth hanging from the door

a day or so ago on the pier at White Rock, BC. which lies on the Semiahmoo First Nation ~ May 2022

  1. I’m smiling with them. Thank you Hedy 🦀

  2. Cool pictures, Hedy! I can smell the sea and hear the gulls. The guy in the top picture. Happy camper he is. I want those glasses! 🙂

    • Yes it’s a different aroma than the dusty etown indeed Peter…and lots of gulls…the pier was filled with happy sounds it was a warm afternoon ☀️☺️🎣well I’m sure you can find some of those 😎 hugs hedy 🤗

  3. wonderful and thank you for the smiles, on them, and those you brought to me

    • Wonderful Beth happy you smiled some more ☺️🤗sending joy for a peaceful day filled with many smiles☺️☀️💐hedy

  4. Nice shots, Hedy. That first image is awesome. Have a great week.

    • Thanks kindly Chris it’s been hectic in a good way☺️🐶🐶🐶🐾🐾🐾💃feels like it’s been a bit and yes already another week and month 😅hoping you’re doing well with a count down til end of term ~ hugs hedy ☺️🤗☀️💫

  5. All around, without limit!
    That’s so perfect!
    Do we need anything else?
    Ok, maybe some fishing.
    hugs, Eddie

    • Well the water and moist air feels good Eddie…some of the humans were having crab with butter and wine later…it was a perfect encounter everyone was fine with me photographing and asking “landlocked” questions…hugs back have a fine day ☺️☀️🦀maybe some fishing🎣

  6. Great stuff Hedy! I use to fish off a huge dock when I lived on Long Island and there was always something interesting going on. By the way I have another suggestion for your reading list if you want to look into it: The Ten Thousand Things by Robert Saltzman. 👍😊🐳

    • It was a joyful moment Mike chatting and seeing the amount of crabs and the excitement among the humans…and the varying languages very cool experience for me…oh nice I do always appreciate your words and shares…I keep a list on my notes 🤓💻 page…sending you joy🦀💫

  7. Wonderful quote and let the boundless mind bound through us all.

  8. so true Hedy and glad that baby didn’t get his finger bit.. 💖💖

    • Oh his father seemed rather mindful with his teachings Cindy and i was amazed at how quickly he could measure the crabs hand them over to his son as he threw them back into the water quickly…and now I just read “Pinching forces ranged from 29.4 to 1765.2 newtons among the collected crabs.” oof that would be nasty…you know I’m a flat lander here in the north and I know nothing about the sea other than I love being by water☀️💙🌊I really enjoyed watching the humans on the prier…I will see again this summer…and know more🤓😅🙏
      hugs your way hedy 💛🦀

      • wow he must have been Hedy. And wonderful teachings but that indeed would be sooo nasty agreed! I love the water as well and the beach. I’m starting to miss it. 💖 I’ve gotta plan somethings soo .. Lots of love an hugs back to you 💖😻😘

  9. Very nice people shots. Dankje wel Hedy. 🙏🏻💕🌹

  10. Pure Joy, Hedy, top to bottom, back to front, and all around. 😉

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