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Year of the Tmogvi earthquake

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According to Buddha

When was the last time you looked up and marvelled at a starry night? Do you see the myriad colours and shapes in all you see? Do you stop and smell the scent of the roses? Do you taste the rich flavours of every meal? Do you feel and enjoy the hot shower at the end of a hard day’s work? And perhaps more importantly, are you mindful of your mind, of your thoughts and feelings? Without mental mindfulness, there is no mindfulness of the senses.

there’s a mad dog pulling at his chain
a hint of danger in his eye
alarm bells raging round his brain
and the chimney’s broken in the sky
wake up
wake up and smell the roses


a day or so ago in White Rock, BC. which lies on the Semiahmoo First Nation ~ May 2022

  1. wonderful images, especially the close-up canine portrait. and yes, let’s marvel in manifestation in its entirety, all the time…


    • Humble thank you Graham sweet and fun to capture their characters indeed. Sending you joy thanks kindly for your comment 🙏☺️☀️🕊hedy

  2. If I remember correctly it was 1981, is that bad?

  3. As always, beautiful work Hedy. <3

  4. No mindfulness?
    Find that cage right now!
    Let the world pass you by,
    cause, you have no need of it.
    Think about it, oh no, did I say think?
    Perfect photos to bring someone back to Earth.
    Enjoy your day Hedy. hugs, Eddie

  5. Delightful and comforting. 💖 Beautiful photos too, as you do. I end each day with a glance up at the starry sky. It only takes a moment to be reminded of splendor that surrounds us. Easy to forget sometimes.

  6. 1. Every time I gape skyward and realize that the sky is clear!
    2. Yes!
    3. Triple yes! And I sometimes stop and inspect a leaf, mentally ask permission to touch it, then inspect the aroma.
    4. Some foods more than others – but always send blessings of thankfulness that I am not one of the hungry.
    5. Oh, yes, in a country known for ‘no hot water’ in most homes, it’s always a blessing to turn on the water and discover hot water options!
    6. It’s always good to have sensitive reminders like yours. Thank you

    • Thanks kindly “playamart” lovely to connect here…appreciate your thoughtful response to my post☺️🙏🕊 sending you joy ☀️ compose a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy ☺️

  7. puppy love

    • Right, and some just dislike the camera and others pose☺️😅and great way to have a tiny chat with their owners along the way🐾🐶sending joy Gavin have a good day ~ hugs hedy 🤗

  8. Such beautiful pooches Miss Hedy … wonderful images my friend. Thanks for the smile …

  9. I’m not sure Buddha had access to hot showers, but I understand the mindfulness. An ideal example is to watch the play of light in the leaves of trees under the sun…

  10. What fun, Hedy…great juxtapositions…doggie mugs and sweet flowers. 🙂

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