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Battle of Koyun Islands year

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According to Buddha

There are times of flourishing and abundance, when life feels in full bloom, energized and expanding. And there are times of fruition, when things come to an end. They have reached their climax and must be harvested before they begin to fade.

there is a lonesome old buffalo 
roaming on the plains all alone 
he does not have anybody 
he doesn’t even have a home 
he stands quiet in the morning star 
his shaggy head is hanging low 
oh but his dreams fly high as the sky alright


a day ago Bison in Elk Island ParkBeaverhills area acknowledges  Treaty Six lands ~ May 2022

  1. Such a sad poem. He should be with a big herd! Hopefully enough will survive this anthropocene. Is that his dream beyond the stars?

    • they are along the side of the road…in a piece of Elk Island Park that connects small communities here in Alberta…I think they are a very closely watched group of Bison…but there is one old lonely one (at least that is what I say) but perhaps, not…these are actually some different ones…

      much is written as I’m sure you know…The survival of bison in Canada and their rescue from near-extinction is one of Parks Canada’s greatest success stories. Today, Elk Island National Park continues to be a significant contributor to bison conservation in Canada, and the park’s disease-free bison continue to contribute to populations of plains and wood bison all across North America.

      and yes dreams beyond the stars…I do that 🤓🤗🤍☀️compose a lovely day and thank kindly for your comments ~ hugs hedy

      • I did not know that much about bison conservation over your way. Of course practically extinct in Europe but moves to bring them back to some large rewilded spaces as they have a very important impact on the ecosystem.

        • I don’t know much other than what I read from local news or chats with the wardens here…nature can teach us so much🤍

  2. But I love wordpress giving the links to all your other buffalo sightings. Custer Park too and originally being ancestral lands. At least still wild and with some buffalo. How does Buddha respond to the suffering we cause as humans. Interbeing is an interesting concept too.

    • right, I also love WP for many reasons Georgina

      apparently some…Buddhists believe in the cycle of samsara , which is the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth. This means that people will experience suffering many times over. All of the things a person goes through in life cause suffering and they cannot do anything about it. Instead, they have to accept that it is there.

      response is always fascinating I liked reading Phap Dung
      We see the mind like a house, so if your house is on fire, you need to take care of the fire, not to go look for the person that made the fire. Take care of those emotions first; it’s the priority. Because anything that comes from a place of fear and anxiety and anger will only make the fire worse. Come back and find a place of calm and peace to cool the flame of emotion down.

      sending peace for beautiful moments ~ hugs hedy 🤗

      • Thanks, it seems at the moment the consciousness or mind of our human world is beginning to suffer more but we have caused more suffering than ever to the life support systems of this planet. Are we as a human race having to be forced to face this fire and calm it all down!

  3. A very sensitive poem accompanying a fine sequence of photographs

  4. All life evolves, yes, buffalo too.
    It may seem lonely;
    you’ve never had a lonely day?
    you will be alone, lonely? Is up to you.
    Interesting post, great photos Hedy, big hugs, Eddie

    • yes difference being a lone and lonely, right. thanks Eddie…

      I was think about Bill Bourne who died recently such a talented music maker…and his song seemed to fit with the early morning images of Bison…hearing them eat and just staring at them is other world like for me…so peaceful…

      thank you Eddie for your big hugs 🙏sending you some as well ~ big smiles hedy 😃🤍🕊

  5. I heard on the news this morning that a woman was killed by a Bison in Yellowstone. She was gored and thrown into the air.

    • yes. sad. i know how fast they move. they are huge. and the adolescent ones are extra quick. i never go out of the car…it was early and no one was around. there are walking trails but I never go on them…I’m far to cautious Wayne👣🤓sending joy to you and your critters…hugs hedy 🤗

      • I went to Yellowstone once and saw them up close. A heard was walking along the highway. I heard a story of some redneck who didn’t feel like waiting any longer (the herd was walking along the roadway as well),so he hit the horn…….pissing off a large male that turned around and smacked his truck like It was a Tonka toy!
        I now know why the Natives preferred to chase them over a cliff.

  6. Dear Hedy, I remember watching a tv programme about birdsong and it closed by playing a recording from the 1980s on Hawaii of a male bird singing to attract a female (I wish I could find a link to the programme). Of course, the poor bird got no response as there were no females left, he was the last of his kind. Lonely, and alone!

    • 🤷‍♀️remember this theme song Ashley ☺️🤓

      I taught a childhood story about the only goat was a lonely goat many years ago … can’t remember who wrote it …also need to check that… also The Art of Being Alone: May Sarton’s Stunning 1938 Ode to Solitude…

      Sending joy and lots of so f birds 🕊🤍🕊🤗hugs hedy

      • May Sarton’s poem is amazing! It reminded me to read, again and again, Mary Oliver’s poem Wild Geese. Thank you for link. 🤍🤗🙏

        • Yes she’s been a longtime read of my Ashley☺️🤓we must read more poetry…glad you liked it ☺️🙋‍♀️happy day to you ~ hugs hedy 🤗💐

  7. a magnificent animal!!!!

  8. Beautiful animal and poem.

  9. lots to ponder here Hedy with some awesome pictures. seems happy enough to me.. sweet guy! 💖💖

  10. I saw some bison at Toronto zoo, they’re awesome creatures. I’d love to see them roaming free though!

    • Here in elk island they are free but fenced…I think it’s an underrated national park…always a joy to see them Stevie 🤓☺️🦬🦬🦬I want to see this years babies ☺️sending you joy hedy💫

  11. Is that the same buffalo/bison you featured once?

    • Oh I’ve probably done a few now Brian I’m fond of the Bison and they are always a treat…I know a couple maybe the same critter but I was looking for babies this time of year…maybe next time ☺️🤓🦬🦬🦬hugs hedy

  12. They’re such interesting creatures, it must be good to see them in person. I like the way you processed these, Hedy. Cheers!

    • Thanks so much Lynn making them feel like it’s the 60’s 😅😂🦬🦬🦬happiness and hugs your way 🙏🤍hedy

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