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Year the Battle of Zvečan ended

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According to Buddha

Mindfulness is not just a word or a discourse by the Buddha, but a meaningful state of mind. It means we have to be here now, in this very moment, and we have to know what is happening internally and externally. It means being alert to our motives and learning to change unwholesome thoughts and emotions into wholesome ones. Mindfulness is a mental activity that in due course eliminates all suffering.

don’t you, forget about me
don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t
don’t you, forget about me


a day or so ago ~ Castor & District Museum Society ~ Castor AB ~ June 2022

  1. No wonder the Buddha is honored and followed by so many

    • I never seem to tire of the Buddha words…often they are a bit much to envelop but always a nugget that touches my heart/mind…you know Eddie. Always appreciate your kind words. It’s a new day and that feels good…hugs and open hearted love ~ hedy 🤍🕊🌺I have some poppies blooming 😁hedy

  2. I love your Buddha’s words! The manikins are quite scary but The shoes and the machine (is it a press of some kind?) are wonderful. We learn much from your posts. I didn’t know where Zvecan was, but I do now! 🙏🙋‍♂️

    • Right the mannequins in this tiny museum were wild…so many…👀felt like I was being watched by ghosts of the past…I’m not sure what the machine is Ashley…I’m glad you learn something new along the way I do as well making my posts🤓😁sending joy for a happy weekend ~ hugs hedy 🤗☀️☔️

  3. Amen Hedy!!! love it!💖

  4. loving the nun.

    • The mannequins were something Gavin…I thought she was a nurse but you’re right she’s probably a nun 🤷‍♀️the hospital section of the museum was haunting…sending you joy for a happy weekend ☀️☔️☺️hugs hedy

  5. Dear Hedy,
    GREAT photographs, interesting combination.
    A European version of mindfulness is Gurdjeff’s so called fight against sleep.
    Thanks for sharing
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • It was an interesting museum 🤓so many mannequins felt they were staring 👀 kinda freaky but educative ~ thanks kindly The Fab Four of Cley for your comment. Appreciated heartfelt thank you ~ sending joy hedy ☺️💫🕊

  6. You have such an artistic touch with words and with the camera, Hedy, simply beautiful. “… we have to know what is happening internally and externally.” Yes, and then we can begin to take joy in the world and what it can be.

    • Humble thank you Randall I appreciate your comments very much☺️🙏🤍🕊have a joyful and productive week…sending joy and all good things ~ hedy💫

  7. Interesting museum.

    • It was rebuilt over the past years and super organized…so many things to see and read all the details…really fascinating to see a bit back in time on the prairies Alex ☺️🤓🙋‍♀️sending you joy hedy💫

  8. Such eyes on the nun/nurse (?) mannequin… Unforgettable…

    • I thought nurse and the mannequins in this museum were haunting and so many 😰🥺felt they were looking at me🫣😅😂thanks kindly Brian for your comments 🙏💃smiles hedy

  9. A fun sequence, Hedy, once again showing your versatility. 🙂

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