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According to Buddha

Three things, O disciples, shine before the world and cannot be hidden. What are the three? The moon, O disciples, illumines the world and cannot be hidden; the sun, O disciples, illumines the world and cannot be hidden; and the truth proclaimed by the Tathagata illumines the world and cannot be hidden. These three things, O disciples, illumine the world and cannot be hidden. There is no secrecy about them.

it’s a sunny day
it’s so bright, so bright, so bright
it’s a sunny day
it’s so bright, so bright, so bright
it’s a sunny day

come on
follow me
you will see


a slice of life along the Rideau Canal a week or so ago ~ Odawa/Ottawa on un-ceded Algonquin Anishinabe territory ~ June 2022

  1. Excellent post and photos, and these disciplines cannot be disputed.
    Thank you for sharing Hedy. hugs, Eddie

  2. The Cobourg Street intersection looks like it’s part of a good area. I’d like to be strolling there right now.

    • Well it was a summery weekend Neil such a wonderful walk over 10km👣👣👣always fun in new cities so many things places spaces to see☺️🤓🙋‍♀️sending you joy ~ hedy 💫

  3. Your work in words and pics always illuminate me Hedy.. 💖💖🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. The flat processing and vintage-looking colors are great here. In the first two, I love the way everything has been reduced to simple geometric shapes. Great work, Hedy! Cheers!

    • Yes I was liking that vintage feel…simpler times it feels for me🤓I’m loving the architecture challenges and well it’s now 6 images as one 🥴😭 imagine white space😅😂big smiles and hugs from sunny etown hoping your days are treating you well 🙋‍♀️☀️

      • Yeah, the white space disappearing act comes to haunt you again. It’s harder to read this many photos without space between them but I did think the other post worked that way. There is something about the first photo here, the composition, the liveliness, the flatness and the colors. Really cool. 🙂

      • We have sun, too, believe it or not. 😉 Been busy seal-sitting out Northern elephant seal. Long hours in the sun talking to people about her and protecting her from oblivious walkers on the beach. Soon she’ll go back out to sea….it’s been really, really interesting learning about the species, getting to know this particular individual seal, and watching the human/wildlife interface in real time. Cheers!

        • That sounds amazing I’ll visit your site this week it’s been a gloom June here on many levels Lynn but always grateful for sharing stories along the way…now we have hail☺️☀️😳weather always changing here…looking forward to seeing the seals 🦭💌hugs hedy

          • Sorry, no seal posts yet. She’s not so easy to photograph because she spends most of the time sleeping. 😉 I hope July is better for you and the rest of the world (!). We could use better news!

  5. Great series.
    I really like the processing here. The slightly vintage colouring looks really great.

    • Humble thank you Rabirius I did create my post with white space which has been deleted some how as my WP theme retired so I’m not fond of what happened 🤓😭 so now time to move forward with a new theme which I hope to get soon…a new chapter for sloppy☺️🙂🙃💃have a happy weekend ~ hugs hedy

  6. Hey Hedy,
    Did I show up in your reader yesterday?
    I’m having WP issues again and trying to get it resolved.

    • Well Cindy my theme has retired so I’m dealing with my blog looking different atheistically than how I created them…white space matters for me and yes your blog and some others are difficult to comment on when I do I get bumped out of my blog…so I’m working on changes on my end…sounds like you are as well…WP support has been helpful but I’m taking the weekend off💃☀️feels like summer so I’m being outside as much as possible…check back later ~ hugs hedy 🤗☺️🙋‍♀️

  7. Bulan, matahari, kebenaran. Moon, sun, truth in Malay/Indonesian.
    I like that.
    Do you know that the moon is the only object you and I can see at the same time across miles and miles? (And the sun too, but it’s not good to look at matahari.) When you see the moon, I can see it too.

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