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Decomposition of the number 1098

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and still, according to Buddha

After first examining one’s means, one should either begin or not begin. Surely, it is better not to begin than to turn back once one has begun.

chat communication with WP Happiness Engineers

…retired themes are “very old” and “there isn’t really a way we can predict this on our end”…

which is true, for me. i’m re(tired) and aging. but nope it’s not the end.

if you like you can start at the very beginning,

on 2011/06/06 at 12:26 i made my first sloppy buddhist blog post entitled ‘step one, again.

Cuba 2011/06/06 

a giggle for me. along with emotions. as i practice. reflect. and start again.

hope you will check back soon for some NEW “sloppy buddhist” COMING SOON.

sending you all joy and open hearted love ~ hedy


  1. I was wondering, but now I know. 😉
    We’ll be here…

    • Yes Lynn I got the ‘retired’ theme notice after I just renewed my blog with WP…with no idea that this could happen…really disappointed with WP and no email notifications but now I’m moving on🤓💃I’ll let you know where I’ll host sloppy soon🤓🤞🤸‍♀️sending joy and hugs hedy

      • It’s too bad there isn’t another theme that would work and I hope you’re not out the renewal charge. In the end all we can do is move on and look ahead. take care and enjoy the early fall weather!

        • 😅oh no there is no return on my renewal and without a theme WP doesn’t offer any happy engineer service any longer…they do want me to pay more…so hmmmm I’m looking to move my blog to my website on squarespace at this moment🤓we’ll see I’ve got help with a real human now…which I’m grateful for☺️🤸‍♀️summer was awesome Lynn talk soon

  2. Well, you’re not of me yet. 🙂

  3. Glad to see you posting again.

    • Thanks kindly Buddy still plotting out the host…got help now so I’ll be posting as I do love blogging🤓🤸‍♀️☺️have a joyful day ~ hugs hedy

  4. I was wondering If an Alien had abducted you Hedy?
    Good to hear from you!

    • Well that would be appropriate actually Wayne…been called alien more than once👽🛸I do imagine a different world but for now I’m going to be somewhere with sloppy…I’ll keep you posted sending joy to you and your critters☺️🤸‍♀️☀️hugs hedy

  5. Very much looking forward to the NEW sloppy buddhist. I’ve missed the Buddha quotes and your photography, hedy…

    • I’m looking forward to a new beginning as well Mic and I appreciate your words and kindness ~ hoping your summer days are treating you well☺️🤓☀️🤸‍♀️hugs hedy

  6. I was wondering what happened to you! Glad you’re still around.

    • It was WP not me😔but with help I’m hoping to get back and running soon Hetty🤓☺️🤸‍♀️sending you joy for a good day ~ hugs hedy

  7. Me too…was wondering. Good to see you.

  8. And we send joy in return as we look forward to accompanying you on this journey ⚘️🙋‍♂️🙏

  9. Hello Hedy, You have been greatly missed dear heart and your
    return is eagerly anticipated! What have you been
    up to anyways? Can’t you see we love you! big hugs, Eddie

    • you’re always kind and cheering me on Eddie and I appreciate it very much, more than you know🤓☺️🙏took the summer to the west coast…still always dreaming☀️I’ve hired some help so I’m hoping to carry on with sloppy🤸‍♀️probably with a different host and stay with my website

      get my house in order is my plan over this month🤞big hugs and love back ☺️🤍🕊 enjoy the lingering summer days hedy

  10. Glad to see you back and am looking forward to more posts soon. Change is hard when you don’t get what you want!

    • Ahhhh I’ve moved on Cindy…I have no expectations and no letting WP make me suffer🤓😉😅😂I’m working on something new💃hugs hedy

  11. The WP response is disappointing, especially when they gladly accepted your renewal. And, when they ask for more money …

    I’m not impressed with their block editor nor with the FSE themes. I don’t find any of it intuitive. I manage everything using the “classic” version through my admin pages.WP has said they will take away the “classic” version at some point in the future. I’m not opposed to using a block editor. My photo business web site uses a block editor, but is far less complicated than the WP block editor.

    I’ll be keeping my eye out for the new view.

    • Thank you for this message David I do get many emails now that “level up” and more webinar sessions for making a new blog…I used block editor it’s the old theme…now themes need to work on mobiles and tablets…all new learnings for me☺️🙏isn’t life exciting these days ~ hugs hedy ☺️🤓🤗

  12. Hugs and good luck.
    Let me know about the new site.

  13. Hurrah – great news. I’ve missed your blog this summer.

  14. Looking forward to the new iteration!
    Alison 🤗

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