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the number of Avalokiteśvara’s arms

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According to Buddha

 It’s your light that lights the world.


a tiny look at an amazing group of creatives…interviews, paintings, sculptures, menus, music history, fiction, collages, photography, illustration, jewellery art and reviews…courtesy:

Deanne Achong, Hedy Bach, Laura Barbato, Chris Bronsk, Elena Caravela, Barry Comer, David Cook, Richard Guest, Joanne Haywood, Toby Holmes, Linda Hubbard, Nicola Light, Wilma Millette, Dan Parnell, Eleni Poulou, David Powell, Edward Redwood, Carole Stuartson, and Dan Thompson

some shameless self promotion…humbled to be included…if you wish to take a closer look you can support ~ Glamberton by Richard Guest who lives and works in London, UK. ~ July 2021

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