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Jack Vast’s Playtime book number

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According to Buddha

Real happiness can stand the challenge of all outer experiences. When you can bear the crucifixions of others’ wrongs against you and still return love and forgiveness; and when you can keep that divine inner peace intact despite all painful thrusts of outer circumstance, then you shall know this happiness.

hb images - blue barn wall and window and weed

hb images - dry weed in blue winter

hb images - blue barn wall and weed

i grew up here all of my life
but i dreamed someday i’d go
where the blue eyed girls and red guitars
and the naked rivers flow

i’m not all i thought i’d be
i’ve always stayed around
and i’ve been as far as mercy and grand
frozen to the ground


barn outside of etown ~ Edmonton, Alberta ~ March ~ 2018


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According to Buddha

Everything is the vibration of spirit consciousness condensed into electromagnetic images. The essence of those images cannot be severed by a sword, nor burned, nor drowned, nor suffer pain of any sort. It is not born nor does it die. It only passes through a few changes.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

aucune histoire banale gravée dans ma mémoire
aucun bateau pirate ne prendra le pouvoir
aucune étoile filante me laissera dans le noir
aucun trac, aucun…


downtown ~ Edmonton, Alberta ~ February ~ 2018

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