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Eadred’s reigning year

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According to Buddha

Tie two birds together. They will not be able to fly, even though they now have four wings.

feel like that black crow
in a blue sky


a day ago ~ Laurier Park and Bridge Walk ~ January 2021

Lipperta Themistian asteroid number

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According to Buddha

A human being is an animal, a part of nature. But we single ourselves out from the rest of nature. We classify other animals and living beings as nature, as if we ourselves are not part of it. Then we pose the question, “How should I deal with Nature?” We should deal with nature the way we deal with ourselves. Harming nature is harming ourselves, and vice versa.

hedy bach images - bear - 1

hedy bach images - bear - 5

hedy bach images - bear - 4

hedy bach images - bear - 3

hedy bach images - bear - 8

hedy bach images - bear - 2

here on this mountaintop oh oh oh
i got some wild, wild life
i got some news to tell ya oh oh
about some wild, wild life


‘don’t feed the bears’ Banff National Park~ fotos by f.fynebuik ~ circa 1958 ~ January 2020

Funny iHeartRadio number

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According to Buddha

The heart is an organ of perception.

hedy bach images - broken glass - 13

hedy bach images - broken glass - 11

hedy bach images - cracked glass - 5

hedy bach images - broken glass - 12-2

now the angel’s got a fiddle
the devil’s got a harp
every soul is like a minnow
every mind is like a shark
i’ve broken every window
but the house, the house is dark
i care but very little
i’ve come here to revisit
what happens to the heart

now what happens to the heart


Aldon Auto Salvage, Lamont, AB ~ October 2019

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