sloppy buddhist



photograph by Al Popil ~ 2016

intentions…for my posts…in this moment.

there are things i know and things i don’t know and there are things i think i know but don’t and things i don’t know i don’t know and things i don’t know if i know or don’t know and there are things i think i know but i’m not sure…

“Hi Hedy, thanks for clarifying confusion and confusing the clarity. There is a very thin line between know and don’t know. Know is don’t know and don’t know is know. The differentiation is due to our limited mind. Not only compassion but think wisdom. I once wrote “Compassion and Wisdom are 2 of the icons/pillars.”

thank you kindly Alan, for pressing me to clarify my sloppy buddhist posts…


as a dyslexic adult woman who earned a PhD…numbers are always troubling…all individual posts are in chronological order…i started with number one and i will go until…i’m done…

Buddha quotes 

…often words become superfluous…but apparently Buddha had a lot to say…so Buddha’s words are a starting point for each post…and the Buddhists had/have a lot to say…

images . snapshots . photography

i love pictures…i photograph…i compose visual narratives…i work as an imagemaker…i am a visual researcher…all photographs on this blog are created by me…please acknowledge…i think that’s fair.


…i simply love to listen to music…i love dancing…it’s better to dance through life than it is to march…


  1. Cause and Effect are one of the basics learnt via Buddhism. Greed, Anger and Ignore are the 3 vices, where as Discipline, Calmness and Wisdom are the 3 anti-vices. The 5 basic rules such as no killing, no lying, no adultery, no intoxication and no stealing , have a far reaching implication… just some thoughts and concepts which dawn upon me which wish to share…

  2. Chaos….sometimes when I deal with it I can turn it into “complexity”…then, sometimes, when I deal with complexity all becomes clear…

    • Chaos has inescapably become part of life…and the human heart also has a chaotic pattern…the beat of life…the driving force that holds our lives together
      without rythm your heart wouldn’t be…

  3. Hedy! I love that you are still/always thinking, wondering, hypothesizing, capturing lovely, curious moments. I’m excited to follow you here. That photo of the “m.u.s.i.c.” tiles is amazing! I can’t believe it’s 17 years since I was 17 and being a part of your work … I value that time and snapshot of myself through your/my eyes so much. Cheers!

  4. interesting to think about numbers, how they are connected to everything, including especially music

  5. This is quite interesting. Firstly making simple, a very complex affair, secondly getting a Phd with dyslexia! Super cool 😀

  6. and now a brand new 24 hours…compose a happy one! 😀

  7. Numbers replaced magic, didn’t they?

  8. That’s really cool, Hedy. Thanks. 💖

  9. Thank you for drawing me to this… statement(s).
    Agree with all your points.
    After Asia… I wonder how much I have changed or I may still change.
    The implications of Asia (wherever you go) are like blowing on a dandelion…
    I am trying to… define the concept of “fusion” as I understand the most successful Asians have “blended” the West with the East. Working on it.
    A bientôt

  10. Very interesting intentions, Hedy! Nice to learn more about you!

  11. Ahhhh. I see. I sometimes joke that life is a numbers game, but you have actually turned it into an art.

    I think you left one out: one often does not know that one knows.

    The feeling you sometimes get, “I knew it all along” is because you did know it all along and just needed to be reminded. This is one reason why life is constant discovery.

    • yes Michael I started blogging for me and continue on this thread but of course it’s delightful and humbling that others also enjoy…life is a constant discovery for sure 🤓☺️

  12. Hedy, I browsed through your site enjoying the photos and quotes. I couldn’t get any of the like buttons to work–I am a very new blogger. I just wanted to tell you I think you have a lovely site. Cheryl

    • hello Cheryl ☺️ well I’m not sure why that is…I do know one needs to create a Gravatar and that WordPress which creates a profile and associate avatar images to their email addresses…perhaps, that is what you will need…I will come over to visit your works and see if I can use your “like” buttons 🤓 compose a happy day ~ smiles hedy 🙂

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