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The Sharecropper’s Son number

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According to Buddha

Words are like the finger pointing at the moon. They point to what is unspeakable. They can take you into their method to get you beyond words. They only work if you don’t get lost in the content. They start moving you in a certain direction, but then you’ve got to let go. They’re not the ocean, they’re the diving board. But you walk out on the diving board to get into the ocean. So we can convey relative truth, not absolute truth.

hedy bach - pink moon - 5

hedy bach - pink moon - 2

hedy bach - pink moon - 4

hedy bach - pink moon - 1

saw it written and i saw it say
pink moon is on its way
and none of you stand so tall
pink moon gonna get ye all
and it’s a pink moon
hey it’s a pink moon


April’s ‘pink moon‘ ~ Etown ~ April 2020

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