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Decomposition of the number 1098

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and still, according to Buddha

After first examining one’s means, one should either begin or not begin. Surely, it is better not to begin than to turn back once one has begun.

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…retired themes are “very old” and “there isn’t really a way we can predict this on our end”…

which is true, for me. i’m re(tired) and aging. but nope it’s not the end.

if you like you can start at the very beginning,

on 2011/06/06 at 12:26 i made my first sloppy buddhist blog post entitled ‘step one, again.

Cuba 2011/06/06 

a giggle for me. along with emotions. as i practice. reflect. and start again.

hope you will check back soon for some NEW “sloppy buddhist” COMING SOON.

sending you all joy and open hearted love ~ hedy


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