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25 x 25

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According to Buddha

This life is strange. Everything is subject to change. That is why one should not anchor his/her happiness on this life. Our time will pass on; what you are seeing now will be gone one day. Change is good if you don’t let it hurt you. When it does hurt, the rebellion you feel is meant to show you that you should not have any desires.

hedy bach photography - blue blue frozen river - 3

hedy bach photography - blue blue frozen river - 1_

hedy bach photography - blue blue frozen river - 2

i will run to the river
i will reach for the well
drown my sorrows in someone
and i hope i leave this hell

yeah, it’s written in the water

yeah, it’s everywhere i go


North Saskatchewan RiverEdmonton, AB  ~ November 2017


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according to Buddha

it changes regularly…

the time is now


no bluff…

…one moment lost can’t be made up…at times…

and one moment may have proven to be a momentous occasion.

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