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King Street card trick number

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According to Buddha

Refuse to be bound by karma; it is an old superstition of the ignorant to believe you cannot change your destiny. 

hb images - Porto - day 1 - 1
hb images - Porto - day 1 - 9

hb images - Porto - day 1 - 4

hb images - Porto - day 1 - 2

hb images - Porto - day 1 - 3

hb images - Porto - day 1 - 5

quer o destino que eu não creia no destino
e o meu fado é nem ter fado nenhum
cantá-lo bem sem sequer o ter sentido
senti-lo como ninguém, mas não ter sentido algum

ai que tristeza, esta minha alegria
ai que alegria, esta tão grande tristeza
esperar que um dia eu não espere mais um dia
por aquele que nunca vem e que aqui esteve presente


Porto, Portugal ~ April 2018

Pablo Bardauil’s Chile film number

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According to Buddha

Adopt plain living and high thinking.

hb images - Geneva - stair way with windows_

hb images - Genva - housing an d light_

hb images - Geneva - flowes and antena_

hb images - Geneva - cafe with people above shot

hb images - Geneva - man carrying bags

hb images - Geneva - men at cafe_

when i was young i lived in a world of dreams
of moods and myths and illusionary schemes
though now i’m much more grown up
i fear that i must own up
to the fact that i’m in doubt of
what the modern cynics shout of
they say it’s spring

this feeling light as a feather


downtown Geneva, Switzerland ~ April 2018

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